6 Creepy Things

6 Creepy Things That Might Be in Your Crawl Space

Do you ever go into your crawl space? Chances are, you don’t spend much time down there. However, if you don’t take a lot of time to venture down into your crawl space, you might not know what’s in your crawl space. From the physical to the supernatural, here are just a few of the creepy things that might be in a fully untouched crawl space.

1. Animals

It’s actually surprisingly common to find animals in a crawl space, especially one that hasn’t been properly encapsulated. Animals, both living and dead, can cause some pretty serious issues in your crawl space, whether because of dead animals stinking up the place or living animals causing noises and danger under your home. If you haven’t looked into your crawl space, you may find these creepy crawlies.

  • Rodent and Bug Infestations
  • Snakes
  • Wild Animal Nests
  • Animal Skeletons
  1. Plants and Other Flora

    The most common plant to find under a home is mold, which can have serious health problems for you and your family. However, this isn’t the only type of plant you might find in a crawl space. You can also find aggressive vines or other types of fungi, which can seriously impact your home’s structural integrity or your health. These are some common plants to find in a crawl space.
  • Mold
  • Invasive Plants 
  1. Criminal Items

    An even scarier possibility is that of truly criminal things happening in your crawl space. Of course, these are incredibly rare — it’s mostly common for people already involved in criminal activities to discover criminal things happening underneath their home. However, if you’ve never invested time, money, and energy into your crawl space, you’re at risk for seeing some of these criminal items under your home. 
  • Locked Safes
  • Stashed Mob Money
  • Guns and Weapons
  • Fugitives and Unwanted Guests
  1. Historical Artifacts

    What if you live in a historical area? Especially if your home is relatively old, you might not know that there are historical things hiding underneath your home. These historical things could be very interesting or very worrying. Of course, as with criminal items, it’s unlikely that you’ll find any of these. The thing is, if you’ve never looked into it, you won’t know if you have these interesting historical artifacts in your home. 
  • Unexploded Artillery
  • Disturbing Journals
  1. Paranormal

    Do you believe in ghosts? The paranormal might not be real to everyone, but it’s definitely real to some people. There are many people who complain of paranormal activity in their crawl space. For some of these people, that “paranormal activity” turns out to be something much more genuinely normal, but some people turn to paranormal investigators for help. You might just find one of these paranormal problems in your crawl space.
  • Ghosts
  • Monsters Too Big for the Closet 

6. Structural Issues

Bugs, artillery, and ghosts are all scary. However, structural issues may actually be more scary than any of these things. That’s because structural issues are worryingly common and worryingly severe. When you have structural issues in your home, you’re opening yourself up to many of these other issues, including bugs, animals, and more.

It’s important that you check on any potential structural issues you might have. These creepy things in your crawl space can all have a serious impact on your home, with structural problems being one of the most significant. If for no other reason than making sure your home stays structurally sound, it’s a good idea to have someone go down into your crawl space every once in a while.


There are all sorts of problems you might run into in a crawl space. From the paranormal to the incredibly normal, you need to make sure you have a plan to tackle these issues. Crawl spaces can be an important part of a home’s structure, but not taking care of it can lead to complications. Make sure you pay attention to your crawl space, and you’ll surely feel the benefits of your attention.


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