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Protect your Family and Your Business in this Pandemic Time

With the current situation, safety is a huge concern we all have. It is not just about safety with regards to our health, but also safety with regards to the security of our house, our loved ones, and our businesses.

Are you moving out of your house? Is your office or business operating on skeletal force and reduced hours? And now there are times no one is physically looking after your house or office?

Then, maybe a security system is what you need!

Today, with increased quarantine measures and the threat of Covid-19, we might need a little help in terms of guarding our properties and having a surveillance system monitor these.

There may be businesses that have declined but one thing that increased during this time of Covid-19 is the sales of security systems. This is the surveillance system of CCTV, alarms, locks, and other security systems to help safeguard and monitor the house, properties, or businesses.

Peace of Mind

If you have not tried getting a 24-7 real and online security system, now is the time to use one. Some houses no longer have people inside as others have left and moved to another city. Or some houses have more people that are staying in.

Businesses are also not in their normal operations. There are so many changes that have been done to implement social distancing, increased hygiene, workforce or labor changes, etc. Given this, if you are a business owner, you really need to monitor these closely to ensure the new protocols are being followed. Plus, you also need to closely monitor your cashier transactions.

It is good if you live next to your business and you can easily monitor it. But if you live far away or cannot travel due to forced lockdown or quarantine, then a CCTV or surveillance cameras scattered inside and outside the perimeters would be very useful. You can check on your employees and your customers anytime and real-time! It will definitely give you better peace of mind.

Protecting your Family or Your Employees

If suddenly, you may be away from your family because of Covid-19, you still need to closely check upon them. With a surveillance system, you can easily check if your family members are still safe and are not developing any symptoms of the disease.

Even if you are a business owner, you can also check up on the safety of your employees and how they are coping up with the new environment

Other than surveillance cameras, a complete security system also includes high-technology and quality locks to help safeguard your house or your business. With this pandemic, there can be increased burglars who might take advantage of the situation. Ensuring that you have a good security system at home or your business can help protect your family and your employees for any untoward incidents.

Guard against thieves

Even if you are in isolation or in hibernation, we know that thieves may not be doing so. They will take this chance that there is chaos in many places. Even those who may not be thieves before, but who may have lost their jobs, suddenly now become thieves themselves in order to survive.

With this, make sure you also have a security alarm, not just surveillance cameras. An intruder alarm is a good defense against these thieves to alert you and the police if thieves come in. Even if you are not there, the system can still be hooked up to your smartphone or computer. You can still be alerted for such burglary.

If you already have this, now is the time to double-check if they are still working and functioning. If you don’t have one, get an intruder alarm that is from a credible and reputable supplier.

Contributing to your Community

You may want to install the surveillance cameras positioned near entrances also or outside the perimeters. This way you can help not just yourself but also your neighbors and your communities. This time is a good time to also contribute to society or the community in your own little way. Take for example, your neighbor might not have anybody at home anymore. IF something happens, your professionally installed Casa Security CCTV outside can help check if there are incidences.

Summary of Tips to help Safeguard your Property

  • Install CCTV or surveillance cameras that are positioned strategically inside and outside the property.
  • Put signages that say the property is being monitored by CCTV to help possibly guard off intruders.
  • Install high tech intruder alarm system.
  • Opt for higher security and higher technology locks on your doors.
  • Ensure the right locks for your windows.
  • Check all possible entry points within the perimeter.
  • Have the contact numbers of police and local community authorities ready so you can easily report any suspicious behavior monitored. Also ready the numbers of emergency ambulances or hospitals in case of health-related emergencies, particularly in this time of Covid-19. Inform all household members and employees of these numbers to contact.

Remember, during this time of COvid-19, extra precautions and safety should also be considered. While we are all concerned about increased hygiene and social distancing, know that not all are thinking just that. There are still so many potential dangers this time from thieves or burglars who know that they can easily steal valuables suddenly left unguarded. Hence, make sure you protect your house and your business with a complete security system.

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