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Benefits Home Styling Better Sale Price

The idea of staging a home has grown in popularity over the years. Sales prices for staged homes are outpacing those not by more than three per cent in recent years.

Home styling companies like Novari Collective offer services to prepare your property for sale. Many factors determine a home’s price, but perhaps none is more influential than location. Still, decor can have some sway when it comes time to sell, especially when you take advantage of the power of staging.

According to real estate agents, a well-staged home is more appealing and will sell faster than one that isn’t, but there are additional benefits beyond an increase in speed and appeal to staging as well. The following article gives valuable tips and information about how to stage your house during your next sale.

Better Look and Appeal

A staged home has a better look and appeals to the buyer’s eye. Staging helps you showcase your house’s best features and reveal aspects of the house that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Staging is a Cost-effective Option

Staging costs less than completely updating or renovating. While decorating may be out of reach for some sellers, the cost of hiring a professional stager is significantly lower than hiring interior designers or contractors to update your kitchen, bathrooms, or landscaping.

A staging service provider in Australia like Novari Collective can help redesign your home at a cheaper rate.

Staging Prioritises Function over Aesthetics

By definition, staging is about creating a space that potential buyers can envision themselves living in. 

It involves eliminating personal items, choosing furniture to maximise the space in your rooms and making any other functional or safety-related changes needed for someone else to picture living there.

Staged Home Sells Faster

A staged home sells faster than any other house put up for sale. In many cases, staging can save days or even weeks off your timeline. It is crucial when you are dealing with multiple offers and competing deadlines.

Gives a High Return on Investment

Selling a staged home will get you higher profits. As far as ROI goes, it’s hard to beat. You might get back three times what you invest in stagers. For example, if you hire a professional stager and spend $1,000, you could see a return of $3,000.

You Can Save on Marketing Costs

Staging your home can help you save money on marketing costs. If you were to pay someone to photograph the house or post it online, that’s another expense you’ll need to account for when listing your home for sale. Such expenses all add up quickly. A staged house is aesthetically pleasing and appealing, making it easy to catch the buyer’s eye. It also requires fewer skills in terms of photography for marketing purposes thereby, reducing the cost of marketing.

Keep the Space Clean

Most people who walk through the front door will prefer open spaces. You will see an instant reaction based on what they can see and feel in the space around them.

If there are bags full of clothes in the living room and piles of dishes in the sink, that’s what they’re going to remember. It is essential to temporarily remove all personal items and furnish your house in a way that makes it immediately clear how much space is available; buyers will see more value.


Staging your home helps potential buyers see better and feel more value in the space. It is a simple way to give your house an edge when it comes time to sell and get high profits for your listing.

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