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How To Bring More Nature With Japandi Style?

Nature is a key element in the Japandi style. In order to bring more nature into your life, you need to bring the spirit of living plants and flowers inside and outside of your home. This blog post will talk about how to incorporate this style into your daily routine! If you want to get some inspiration in Landscape design, you can check Home Design Institute web-page and also their Landscape for Beginners free course, that will give you not only many inspiring ideas about your home garden, but the chance to obtain a professional Certificate in the field of Landscape design.

Japandi is all about nature: Plant flowers or bushes in your front and backyard

Plant flowers or bushes in your front and backyard. You can plant fruit-bearing trees or shrubs, if you have space for them too. Keep those plants watered, of course! Some people recommend growing different kinds of herbs in pots around the house as well, such as basil, parsley and mint. These are all great air purifiers because they contain volatile oils that release into our air when we cut and handle these plants – it’s a natural way to keep toxins out of the home without spending tons on expensive filters (which also don’t work very well).

Hang up pictures of nature around the house

Start by filling your home with pictures of nature. Hang them on the walls, put some framed prints around the house, and make sure you always have a nice photo to look at when you come in from work or school. It doesn’t matter what kind of nature it is – trees, mountains, rivers etc., as long as there are plants and lots of greenery! You can also put up a nature calendar with 12 different pictures of the same place in one year. These are usually made to be hung on your wall or fridge door, and you can buy them at most craft stores.

Install a bird feeder to attract birds and other wildlife

Install a bird feeder to attract birds and other wildlife. Birds prefer fresh seed, so it’s best to purchase seeds in bulk at the grocery store or natural food store. If you are lucky enough to live near an area with wetland vegetation like marshes or swamps, place your feeders there for more diversity of species. Place one on your deck railing, another by a window where they will see plenty of sunlight during most hours of the day, and another outside anywhere from six feet up to about thirty feet away from windows depending on how far their flight range is (pay attention to what kind of birds frequent your area).

Use natural materials for inside decorating – bamboo flooring, cork boards, and rattan chairs can add an earthy feel to any room

In the design world, there is a movement that has been gaining momentum and popularity. The idea of bringing more nature inside is not new or unique by any means but it’s now being combined with several natural materials to achieve this goal. Who knew bamboo flooring could be so chic? You can use many different types of wood for your furniture such as cedar, mahogany, oak and cherrywood just to name a few. And when you’re looking to bring in some greenery into the home try using plants like ferns or vines. The use of natural materials for inside decorating is not only beneficial to the environment, it’s also great for your health. The clean air and decrease in allergens can truly help everyone breathe easier!

Add some Japandi style to your home with accessories

Adding a few Japandi inspired accessories around your home can bring in some of the natural touch that is lacking from modern homes. The key to incorporating these items into your space is to find other elements that are already present and add them in as accents! For example, if you have an indoor water feature with lots of greenery surrounding it, adding one or two plants from our nature collection might be enough for you. If not, try sprouting seeds directly on top of pots filled with soil (whichever plant you choose will need more than just water).

In the end, it is not only important to create a beautiful environment for your home but also preserving that natural beauty by using organic products. This can be achieved with just some simple steps and will make all the difference in bringing more nature into your space – including animals such as birds! And if you are worried about being clean at this point, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to keep yourself smelling fresh while saving our planet too!

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