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6 Things You Should Do Before Your Home Cleaner Arrives

Keeping your home clean is very important. However, you might not have the appropriate time to handle the task yourself because of a busy schedule. This doesn’t mean that you live in a filthy place. The best thing to do is to call a Houston home cleaning service to help you out. You should have clear expectations from the cleaners while on the job. However, you need to be prepared to allow the cleaning team gives you value for money.

Here are things to do before the cleaners arrive

Here are things to do before the cleaners arrive

Pick up items lying around

Professional cleaners handle deep cleaning of home surfaces but not every item in your home. It is a good idea to tidy up your home to make it clutter-free. This gives the cleaners ample time to clean your home without focusing on organizing it. Picking up items yourself maximizes time for cleaners to concentrate on ensuring that the place is sparkling. You can even handle other smaller tasks including making your bed so the cleaners focus on deep cleaning Solution D’air Nettoyage de conduit d’air a Gatineau.

Leaving clothes pierces of paper, and other items strewn everywhere will make the cleaners to first pick them up, clean the place, and place them in the right place. Coupled with other cleaning chores in the house, handling clutter might eat away some hours of your cleaning schedule. You have to give the cleaners ample time to clean all the places in your home including the bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas. So, tidying up your place before the cleaners arrive gives them time to focus on bigger tasks like dusting furniture, vacuuming, and cleaning the floors.

Set a spot for all misplaced items

You have already noticed how picking up clutter around the house makes the work of the cleaners easier. Well, have to designate a spot where to keep such items to avoid misplacement during the cleaning process. This is very important if it’s your first time to hire home cleaning services in Houston. The cleaners can collect any papers thrown around and place them in the spot for you to sort out important ones for throwing away. And, this ensures discreetness of your important documents since the cleaners won’t have to read through them to determine whether to throw them away or not.

Sorting the papers yourself ensures that you know where the papers are when you need them. Additionally, the misplacement spot allows keeping any small electronics, jewelry, and lose cash during the cleaning process. You can as well select a spot you don’t want to be cleaned where to keep items that others should not access. As long as you instruct the cleaning team not to touch that particular pile. In case the cleaners come across anything misplaced, they can know where to keep it.

Keep your pets away during cleaning

It is very important to let the cleaners know you have a pet. This allows them to plan ahead on how to handle the process. Aggressive pets towards strangers should be kept away to allow the cleaners to do their work peacefully. You can keep the pet at a friend’s house or make it a wonderful opportunity for a grooming session. Alternatively, you can put the pet in a crate to allow the cleaners to move freely while cleaning the home. Communicating with the cleaners that you have a pet beforehand allows them to gauge their comfort level while going about their work to limit chances of a bad experience on the job.

Point out areas that need special attention

As the owner of the home, you know it better than the cleaners. So, you can tell areas tan need more cleaning than others. To ensure that the cleaning is done to your expectations, point out those areas to the cleaning team. After the work is completed, you can crosscheck to ensure that everything is as you desired. Professional cleaners make an effort to deliver services that exceed clients’ expectations and without causing any damage to property in the course of doing their work.

Clear the bathroom and kitchen

Your bathroom counter is most likely to be crowded with various items. This is obviously going to make the work of the cleaners a bit harder. The rule of thumb is to clear the counters by placing all items in a basket that you can easily stash somewhere else. This will make it easy for the cleaners to access the counters and sinks for deep cleaning.

In the kitchen, you are likely to have some dishes that need cleaning. Luckily, the cleaners will seamlessly take time to clean the dishes for you. So, lead your dishwasher and remove any leftovers from the sink and counters to make the work of the cleaners easier. This will allow deep cleaning of the tubs, floors, tables, walls, and carpets. Clearing these places before the cleaners arrive allows them to be accountable for any other cleaning tasks.

Make a cleaning checklist

Before caking home cleaners, ensure to understand your needs. Make a list of everything you need the cleaners to work on. Place the most significant tasks on top of the list for clarity to allow the cleaners to give such tasks more time. With a cleaning checklist, you won’t have to spend time ordering the cleaners around as they go about their work. You can just give them the checklist and go to your regular chores as the cleaners do the work to your expectation.

Bottom line

You can always entrust a professional home cleaning team to make your home more livable and sparkling always. This saves you the hassle of spending time cleaning when you have to catch some rest from the busy schedule. However, use the ideas above to ensure that the cleaners make the most of their time on the job.


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