Exploring Blocked Drain Solutions

A clogged drain is a common issue faced by property owners, leading to other disasters like foul smells, discomfort, illnesses, and asset destruction. Plumber Melbourne has shared some approaches that you can take to address this situation. These methods involve tools you can find in your house for DIY techniques and professional assistance in removing blocked drains Melbourne. Read on to gain more insights to decide which solution is applicable and most effective to unclog your drain.

Do-It-Yourself methods

  • Hot water

When your drain doesn’t function properly and you cannot determine what gets in the way of your plumbing system, you can benefit from hot water. Pour the hot water into the clogged sink and do it several times, so the blockage can be dissolved. 

Hot water helps to break down grease, soap scum, and other substances that may be causing the blockage, allowing them to flow more easily through the pipes. The heat can help to expand the pipes slightly, loosening any debris that may be trapped

  • Plunger

If the hot water does not provide an effective solution, you can use a plunger. Plunger has proven to be useful in getting rid of the blockage in the drain. To maximise this tool usage, you need to ensure a strong seal is formed between the plunger and the basin or toilet bowl to release the obstruction. 

  • Other Manual work

If you spot a pile of hair pieces blocking the bathroom plughole, you should never flush them down the sink, as it will only lead to a worse disaster when they transform into big obstacles that stick inside the pipe. If the obstruction is not visible on the surface, but you still find it accessible with some tools, you can consider wire or a coat hanger beneficial to reach the blockage and pull it out on your own. 

Professional solutions

  • High-pressure water jet

Drain cleaning with a high-pressure water jet is more effective than pouring hot water to clear the clogs. The maximum pressure can push away the build-up from the plumbing system.

  • CCTV drain camera

Hiring a plumber is considered beneficial to address severely blocked drains Melbourne as they have advanced equipment like CCTV drain cameras to conduct extensive sewage inspection and analyse your plumbing issue, so they can decide the most effective solution for the problem.

  • Pipe relining or replacement

Over time, your pipe’s condition may decline, crack, or even fracture. In these cases, pipe relining or replacement may be the best solution so that you can restore your plumbing system, so it can endure for more years. For this matter, using a professional plumber Melbourne is highly recommended.

Regular inspections and simple preventive measures like using drain guards and being mindful of what goes down the drain can go a long way in preventing blockages. It’s also helpful to learn some basic plumbing techniques to address minor clogs early on. By staying proactive and informed, you can save yourself from potential headaches and expenses caused by blocked drains, ensuring a smoothly running plumbing system.

In conclusion, the effectiveness of each solution relies on the severity of the blockage. Whether DIY solution or professional service, it’s important to understand whichever method works best for you and the specific situation.

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