4 Ways to Add Major Value to Your City Home
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4 Ways to Add Major Value to Your City Home

City homeowners often face the following predicament: they want to add value to their home, but outward expansion is out of the question. Because of the density of the average city, a homeowner can’t simply tack on another room, or create an adjoining structure. They are stuck with the space they have (more or less – as we’ll see).

But all is not lost. There are tried and tested ways to add great value to a city home that do not involve expanding. As you’ll see, armed with the help of a good handyman, a capable plumber and a reasonable budget, you can boost your property value, regardless of how crowded your neighbourhood is. Let’s take a look.

Basement Lowering

This sneak way to add more space to a house without having to build up or out has become more popular with city-dwelling homeowners in the last decade. Essentially, what you do is hire a reputable basement lowering company to “underpin” your house, adding ducts under the joists and thereby creating a whole new area of extra space. Of course, the manoeuvre is a little complex, and there is some important information if you’re lowering your basement as relates to plumbing, but this remains a valuable, creative way to add space.

Bathroom Renovations

If you can’t add value by adding space, you can add value by improving the existing space. Two key rooms that add value are the kitchen and the bathroom, the latter of which is usually an indicator of quality to homebuyers. New tiling, improved low-flow fixtures and tip-top plumbing are all fairly easy ways to add value – not only resale value but also value to you and your family. This is your home after all!

4 Ways to Add Major Value to Your City Home tile

Finishing the Basement

Perhaps basement lowering isn’t quite for you. The least you can do is “finish” the basement. What this means, in terms of renovation, is that you make the basement liveable, with its own fixtures, furniture and design layout. This can add value by creating a new living space (which, if you were so inclined, you could rent out to help pay mortgage) or simply by setting up a rec room.

Installing Eco-Friendly Fixtures

Eco-friendliness is far from a passing fad – it’s the way of the future. And not only does it add value to a home by way of principle, but it also often ensures lower monthly bills. LED lights are 80% more efficient than conventional lights and can help you save a good amount on energy. Low flow toilets and showerheads can help you with your water bill. And eco-friendly windows can help your home retain heat in the winter, thereby lowering your heating costs. Solar Street Lights are the best option without any electricity bill.

If you live in a congested city, but are nevertheless looking for straightforward ideas about how you can improve your home’s value, hopefully you will give one (or all!) of these ideas a try. Not only will the resale value rocket, but you will be immediately rewarded with a nicer, more liveable home.

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