15 Helpful Tips To Make Your Kitchen Looking Pristine
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15 Helpful Tips To Make Your Kitchen Looking Pristine

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In the kitchen, you store, prepare and cook food. You also use the kitchen for dining purposes as well as an entertainment area. If you need a little inspiration for your dream kitchen, this guide has you covered.

How Important Are Kitchen Renovations Perth

The kitchen is the place in your house where you mostly prepare, cook, store your food. And we all know that the food we eat must be prepared in a clean and neat environment. To do this is to consider doing kitchen renovations Perth, it can be a small project where you add something like a pot of plant or a big project by replacing your cabinet doors.

Do a Simple Kitchen Renovations Perth By Adding Some Flowers

This tip is the simplest and least expensive thing you can do in doing kitchen renovations Perth northern suburbs. Add some potted plants; get some fresh flowers to add some colour and freshness to the room and for it to feel a little more inviting. This small little touch will brighten up your kitchen and your mood.

Add Greens

You can also add small pots of greens you add in your dishes. Dig up basil, parsley, mint leaves, chives, coriander or cilantro, dill, rosemary, and thyme from your garden. Transfer them in small pots and place them in the corner of the kitchen.

Make Your Floor a Little More Exciting

Don’t be afraid to play around with your floors. Go all out with a bold patterned rug; try a bright tile to bridge the transition between darker and lighter colours. A classic checkerboard floor shows that statement-making patterns can be subtle.

Go Big With Glass Doors

You can also go big with your kitchen makeovers Perth by adding glass doors. Using glass cabinet doors are preferred for good display and illumination of your items. You can see the things you have kept in your cabinet for display as glass cabinets direct light through them. Having glass doors installed in your cabinets will help secure your kitchen utensils by preventing them from falling and breaking. They are also an elegant way to enhance your kitchen as they are both beautiful as well as functional.

Update the Cabinet Knobs

New handles and knobs can give your cabinets and drawers a new look. With so many styles available you can find ornate antique and modern handles that are not too expensive, and you can make a real impact with just a small investment. Just be sure to get new handles that have the same drilling and installation pattern as your old ones.

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Add in Open Shelving

Ditch the cabinet door altogether to create the effect of open shelving. If you’ve got a massive blank wall to fill, you could add some shelves. They’re a great way to show off your ravishing glasswares, your collection of serve ware, or beautiful cookbooks. Adding sculptural or minimal brackets will contribute for that extra touch of elegance.

Choose Your Lighting

In kitchen and bathroom renovations Perth, changing the lightings can brighten up your space and add some design flair. Use lights to up the fun vibes in your kitchen. White and gold pendants add a modern, slightly glam, touch to your kitchen. Iron pendants add drama and necessary light.

Make It Modern

You can have luxury kitchens Perth by making marble the main attraction in your kitchen. The slabs of barely grey honed marble covering the kitchen make for a clean, airy look. From sleek and shiny, speckled and earthy – this material will continue to rule kitchens everywhere. With a kitchen coated in marble, you’ll take a step into luxury each morning.

Choose Unique Stools Practically

You should not forget about counter stools. It should be as important as your dining chairs because they can add some contrast to your kitchen. Barstools with a back are objectively more convenient for posting up at the kitchen. They’re also a safer option for kids at the kitchen counter.

Try A Statement Ceiling

A green gingham ceiling gives a classic white kitchen some cool points, and it adds colour and drama to high ceilings while making the room a little cozier. Sticking wallpapers and painting your ceiling with stripes is also a good idea. Just take off the white for a more personal touch. You could also hang paintings on your kitchen wall.

Splurge on New Appliances With Your Kitchen Renovations Perth

Replacing your dated appliances can make a big difference. It’ll give your kitchen a fresh look, and these will save you money on energy costs.  Stainless steel is still the most popular, and it really helps if you coordinate the colour and style for the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and microwave at the same time.

Organise and Enhance Storage Areas

Buy baskets or decorative storage bins to hide infrequently used items above cabinets and free up cabinet space. Keep countertops clean and bright, especially if counter space is limited then consider wall storage options instead. Don’t ignore the corners, or backside of doors as potential storage areas.

Add a Backsplash

Consider replacing or adding a backsplash.  You can do a simple white subway tile, or some sort of marble or tumbled stone or a glass backsplash.  Many of these tiles are mosaics that are on meshed sheets, so they are rather easy to install. Or you can simply upgrade it with a new colour, just make sure to use a semi-gloss paint; the glossier the paint, the more it will resist moisture, and you can easily wipe it clean.

Upgrade Your Countertops

15 Helpful Tips To Make Your Kitchen Looking Pristine

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Light coloured countertops such as light grey or marble countertops can look marvellous with oak or wood-toned kitchen cabinets. Black countertops can also look great with oak coloured or wood-toned kitchen cabinets. You’ll find an overwhelming amount of colours and patterns to choose from, whether you want stone or stone-look, so you’re bound to find the design that fits your style.

Hang a New Light

A decorative light fixture upgrades your kitchen’s appearance. Select a fancy, rustic or chrome light fixture that matches the existing kitchen’s decor and colour. You could also hang battery powered LED lights under your cabinets to increase lighting and create a cozier and more welcoming kitchen space.

Improve your kitchen’s overall image and feel by regularly cleaning – not just the main surfaces, but the cabinets and your appliances as well. Routine tasks like cleaning out the refrigerator or cleaning behind the microwave can improve little details, which can add to the overall appeal of the room.

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