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5 Main Benefits Of Placing Plants Near The Window

Garden windows, or rows of pots filled with ornamental plants placed near windows, have a myriad of benefits. Pots filled with ornamental plants can indeed be placed anywhere. Can be on the terrace of the house, near the living room table, or even in the kitchen and bedroom windows. 

The placement of ornamental plant pots is intended only to satisfy the aesthetic aspect. A terrace filled with lush leaves will look more welcoming and lively than a terrace that only contains wooden tables and chairs. So is the small space in front of the window. 

If filled with ornamental plants and even blooming flowers, the overall appearance of the house can be prettier because it looks serious about dressing up. But who would have thought, this garden in the window, it has benefits other than pleasing the eye.

Here are 5 benefits of placing plants in windows that you can know:

  1. Beautify windows.

Of course, the main benefit of placing window boxes filled with plants is to beautify the house in general and beautify windows in particular. Windows are usually made of wood or glass. It can be opened and closed, or shifted from right to left to provide openings for air in and out of the house. With a row of potted ornamental plants arranged in front of the window, the window will appear many times more attractive. 

  1. Filter the air and reduce dust.

Placing ornamental plants on windows can make the air that enters and leaves the house much cleaner. Lush plants in front of the window can help filter dust that is carried by the wind entering through the window.

  1. Reduces stress.

It’s no secret that seeing and caring for plants can reduce stress. Reporting from CNN, caring for and observing the fringe plants can reduce the stress that plagues urban communities. By seeing and trying to listen to the sounds of nature when weeding and watering plants, one can forget about burdens for the rest of his life, thereby reducing nervous tension. So placing plants in the window can also make your life lighter because it will be far from stress.

  1. Beautify and filter the kitchen air.

There’s nothing wrong with putting plants in the kitchen window. Usually, this kitchen window is close to the sink or small dining table. A kitchen that is stiff and filled with cooking utensils, will immediately appear more lively and lively thanks to the small garden that bursts from the window opening. Also plant plants that can reduce the odor of kitchen waste. So the garden in the kitchen window, will have multiple benefits. 

  1. Easy-to-reach herb garden.

You can also fill your window garden with herbs or spices. That way, there is one more benefit that you can get. Namely save on shopping for kitchen items as you have a garden of herbs and spices just an arm’s length away. After listening to the various benefits of placing plants in windows, immediately hunt for the best plants that suit your needs, and place them in the most strategic openings in the house.

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