3 Ways to Decorate a Small Bathroom
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3 Ways to Decorate a Small Bathroom

Revamping a bathroom can be super exciting — and super stressful. Between pricing and trying to figure out what goes best with what, it can quickly become a nightmare. After you get an idea in your head about what you want, then you must decide whether remodeling is the best option for your financial future and bathroom needs.

It tends to become even more complicated when you’re dealing with a small space. Let’s be honest, making big changes in a small space can just be headache-inducing, especially when it’s a bathroom (what don’t you need in there?). However, there are all kinds of ways to redecorate (and even completely redo) a small bathroom.

Whether it’s a big change or a small change, consider these 3 ways to decorate a small bathroom.

Go all out and remodel

Other than the fact that remodeling tends to mean not having access to that bathroom while it’s being remodeled — remodeling is the dream. We all want a bathroom that accommodates all your needs while being your personal design fantasy. But, it’s important to be realistic about it. For example, is moving electrical outlets and the plumbing necessary for your dream bathroom? Or, would simply getting an updated shower, toilet, and/or sink do the trick to keep that dream alive? Tip: moving around plumbing and redoing the electrical work is going to cost the most money.

Bathroom remodeling prices will vary depending on what you want and what company you go with. For bathroom remodel Des Moines, you can generally get a pretty good idea of what your dream bathroom will cost you with the quote.

While it may be pricey, remodeling can be the ideal way to redecorate a small bathroom. Especially considering that, according to Consumer Reports, we tend to get a 2% to 3% return when reselling a house with a remodeled bathroom. This report also stated that 42% of the real estate agents surveyed said that the bathroom is, “one of the most important rooms of the home to have in good shape.”

Start small, but go significant

Maybe you don’t quite have the funds for a full remodel right now. That’s all right, it’s OK to start small. Get your dream bathroom idea in your mind and start with a manageable first step. For example, maybe just update the sink and/or vanity. Or maybe you like the vanity but dream about a tile backsplash. Changing one major thing in the bathroom can cut costs, but still make the bathroom look like a new room.

For small bathrooms, changing up the sink situation can make all the difference in both space-saving (you can add extra creative cupboard space) and giving the appearance of more space. According to House Beautiful, getting a long sink can give you extra space while still allowing for enough room for two people to get ready at once. Plus, then there’s only one big sink to clean instead of two. House Beautiful also suggest glass doors on the shower to give the bathroom a more open feel.

Amp up the décor

For those on a tight budget, something as simple as adding a new coat of paint, different light fixtures, and a custom print can completely change the look of a bathroom quite cheaply. According to HGTV, when it comes to small bathrooms, the biggest thing to consider is lighting and color. A design trick that gives the illusion of more space is great lighting and brighter colors. So, something as small as getting brighter bulbs with prettier light fixtures can spruce up a bathroom. Add a bright color paint to the walls and the bathroom will really pop.

Custom prints can be anything from personal photography shots to family photos (whatever works best for the décor). Consider taking lots of photos over the next few weeks and using cloud picture backups to start collecting ideas. Then you can get the perfect shade of paint once you choose your favorite photo. For half baths, consider two smaller pieces – one behind the toilet and one on the wall that’s the barest. 

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