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Benefits of Hiring A Maid To Clean Your Home

Going home in a clean house is more than just about comfort and satisfaction. It also safeguards your family’s health and well-being, keeping you away from diseases and stress caused by a dirty and cluttered environment. But how can you manage to clean and organize your home if you hardly spend time in it?

If you’re too busy with work and other family matters, cleaning becomes less of a priority. However, it shouldn’t be the case. Make cleanliness and health your priorities by hiring a maid who will clean your home. Always remember that the ultimate secret to keeping your house spotless is using the right products and hiring the right people.

Below are the benefits of hiring maid services to make your home a clean and healthy place to live:

Makes Your Home Perfectly Clean

When you hire a maid service in Alexandria or wherever you’re located, you’re assured that you’ll be working with a professional with a strategic plan in mind to ensure that you have a perfectly clean home. Professional cleaning services provide a systematic and organized way of cleaning a home using a guided checklist from you and the management.

A professional maid complies with the accepted cleaning standards of the company and the industry. In order to keep your home clean at all times, hire a qualified and reliable maid to make sure that all aspects of housekeeping are taken care of.

Here’s a sample house cleaning checklist professional maids do:

  • General Cleaning: This includes dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, and furniture freshening like wood furniture waxing.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: This includes wiping down kitchen cabinets and countertops, cleaning the microwave, wiping the stovetop, cleaning around and inside the sink, and cleaning kitchen appliances.
  • Bathroom Cleaning: This includes cleaning the vanity, tub, mirror, sink, shower rack, soap dishes, and the toilet. It also includes removing and replacing rugs, placing a bath mat in the shower and tub, and scrubbing the sink and tiles.
  • Bedroom Cleaning: This includes decluttering, bed making, carpet cleaning, and dusting.
  • Other Services: Window cleaning and patio cleaning.

Saves Time That You Can Spend with Your Family

According to Angie’s List, a trusted home services site, the cost of hiring house cleaning services range between $25 to $35 per hour. Given this salary range, is it true that hiring a maid to clean your home will save you time? Is it worth it hiring one? To answer these questions, you should know how much your time (per hour) is worth. By doing so, you’ll know if cleaning your home by yourself or hiring a maid is worth it.

For instance, if you make $50 per hour at work, then you should consider your time to be worth such. Hiring maid services that charge $25 per hour is definitely worthwhile. However, if your time is worth less than the labor cost of hiring a maid, then you might consider cleaning your home on your own.

But then again, there are other perks of hiring maid services aside from saving time, such as the following:

  • Spending your precious time playing with children
  • Going on a dinner date with your spouse or on a weekend vacation with your family
  • Doing some take-home work
  • Spending your “me” time pampering yourself rather than cleaning dirty floors
  • Sleeping and resting than doing the household chores after a busy weekend at work

Improve Your Home’s Overall Appeal

A great home is aesthetically appealing, and a professional maid can share expert tips and tricks to get the home decorating job done effectively and efficiently. Professional maids are experienced and have serviced different sizes and appearances of homes, so you can rely on their judgment and pieces of advice when it comes to interior and exterior decorating, too, aside from professional interior designers.

Here are some expert tips from professional cleaning services when it comes to improving your home’s overall appeal:

  • Yard Cleaning and Organizing: Rake, mow, and remove dead leaves and branches from trees and shrubbery. Next, add grass seeds or sods in any bare spots in your garden. Replace any plants that are already past their prime with new ones. Add new flowers and remove weeds from garden beds, giving your lawn a welcoming appearance.
  • Sidewalk and Driveway Cleaning: Pressure wash your patio, porch, driveway, and sidewalks, though this task may require equipment. You can ask the help of a professional cleaning service to ensure that no damage to any of your outdoor surfaces occur, thus leaving your outdoor premises impeccably clean. After a professional cleaning specialist is done with the task, you can add additional touches to your outdoor living space to make your home look more beautiful and welcoming, such as adding a new wreath, hanging potted plants, or placing a fresh welcome mat, new cushions for your outdoor furniture, and decorative outdoor lanterns.
  • Clean Your Indoor Living Space: Start cleaning the rooms that require prompt attention, such as the bathroom and kitchen areas. Use a solution of white vinegar and baking soda to get rid of unsightly stains from bathroom tile surfaces and toilets. Also, clean the mirrors, add new towels, and declutter cabinets. In the kitchen, declutter the pantry and all kitchen cabinets, and get rid of items you don’t really use. Deep clean the oven and the fridge and other kitchen appliances. You can improve the overall appearance of your home by keeping these things away from dust and grime, so regular cleaning is a must.
  • Floor Cleaning: What most home visitors notice when they enter a home is a clean and shiny floor. If you want to impress your guests, make sure that your hardwood floors are polished, the carpets are vacuumed, and the tile floors are clean and shiny. When it comes to floor cleaning, special equipment is usually required, most especially for carpets, and that’s when you can hire a professional home cleaner or maid to do the job.
  • Windows and Wall Cleaning: For your next home improvement project, you might want to keep your windows brightly clean and sparkling both inside and out. Remember that badly cleaned windows appear uglier than dirty windows, so contact a professional cleaning team to help you with window cleaning. Maids can clean your windows using a gentle cleanser and a clean sponge to remove all fingerprints and smudges from windows, walls, and doors. For other wall areas that cannot be reached by maids, you can have them repainted instead as a permanent solution to wall stains.

Safe and Healthy Home

A disorganized home full of clutter like papers, loose cables, and electrical wiring can pose safety hazards. If you have children, elderly family members, and pets around, they could easily trip, slip, or meet an accident because of these safety hazards.

Dirt, grime, and debris can easily accumulate inside the home, most especially if you have young children who keep on playing around or teasing each other. Spills and residues from food and drinks may cause damage to your upholstery, carpet, and furniture, leaving you with a lot of cleaning work to do. Most of all, dirt and mess that have been neglected could result in harboring thousands of microorganisms, which can attract pests, like cockroaches and rats.

All of these things can put you and your family’s health and safety at risk. That’s why you have to seek professional help and hire a maid to ensure that you and your family will always go home to a safe and healthy house.

Here’s how a professional maid will ensure that your home is safe and healthy every time:

  • Use cleaning products that are less harmful to humans and the environment.
  • Employ cleaning techniques to ensure that minimum chemicals are used in cleaning stubborn dirt and stains to minimize or eliminate negative health impacts.
  • Organize toys, magazines, and other clutter in appropriate storage solutions.
  • Label cleaning products appropriately and keep them in storage places that are out of children’s reach.
  • Remind homeowners about safety precautions when using cleansing solutions.

Peace of Mind

There’s always a psychology behind cleanliness. If you know that a maid is always available to help you with cleaning tasks, you have peace of mind knowing that the job will be performed properly. Cleaning tasks can be time-consuming and using abrasive chemicals can ruin a beautiful carpet or a vintage furniture piece. However, if you’ll hire professional cleaning services, you’re assured that every safety precaution is followed to avoid damaging your most precious home investments, like your appliances and furniture.

Also, hiring professional maids to take care of all the cleaning aspects of your home will save you from the stress and hassle of future repairs or the replacement of broken or damaged home decors, furniture items, or appliances due to incorrect cleaning practices.

Save Money

Did you know that you can actually save money by hiring a maid? Of course, if you’re not used to cleaning tasks or you’re too busy with work, hiring maid services can save you money because you save yourself from the risks and dangers of cleaning stubborn stains using typical cleaning agents like bleach and muriatic acid. It means that you can save on healthcare costs.

Also, as previously mentioned, you can save money on repairs or replacement for damaged or broken appliances due to incorrect cleaning practices. Maids are highly knowledgeable and skilled in dusting your high-value figurines and flower vases, furniture pieces, and tableware and kitchenware.

Boost Your Morale

Every homeowner is proud to have a clean and beautiful home. On the other hand, a dirty home can be a source of frustration and stress, which can decrease a person’s morale and self-worth. After a long day of work and dealing with different family matters, arriving in a cluttered and messy home is truly a big disaster.

Just imagine the dirty dishes, scattered toys, crumpled papers, and a messy kitchen. All of these can be a source of headaches and stress—even a heart attack. Boost your morale and that of your family’s by hiring professional cleaning services to do the cleaning tasks. You don’t have to clean the toilet or argue with your spouse or children to do other household chores. Simply sit and relax when you get home by hiring a maid.

How to Hire the Right Maid or Residential Cleaning Services

Now you have an idea of the great benefits that hiring a professional maid can do for you and your family. So, it’s about time to know how to hire the right maid or professional cleaning services. Here are some tips when choosing one:

  • Ask the Right Questions: It’s important to interview the prospective maid to ensure that you’re hiring someone who is trusted and experienced in cleaning the type of home and belongings you have. Ask about the cleaning professional’s employment background and training attended.
  • Set Proper Expectations: In the interview proper, you have to set expectations clearly. Tell the cleaning agency what aspects of cleaning tasks are allowed and not allowed, and what parts of your home are accessible and unauthorized.
  • Check the Company’s Website: Get to know if you’re dealing with a legitimate cleaning company or not by checking their website. Make sure that the cleaning agency has a physical address and contact details.
  • Get References: One way to know if you’re dealing with a legitimate professional cleaning company is by contacting their previous customers. You can also get referrals from relatives and friends who have tried using their services.
  • Check Review Sites: You can determine the reputation of cleaning companies by checking trusted review sites and social media pages to review comments from previous clients. It also pays to check the Better Business Bureau to find out if there’s any complaint about the professional cleaning services.
  • Supervise: Get an idea of how a maid works by supervising during the first few hours or the first day of the trial period. Before you sign any contract, you might want to consider asking the cleaning agency for a trial period to personally see how the maid will clean your home. In that way, you won’t be facing bigger problems associated with hiring the wrong company in the future.


Hiring maid services is a smart investment to make your home a cleaner, more beautiful, healthier, and safer place to live. Also, you’ll save time and effort performing cleaning tasks that can be time-consuming and, if done incorrectly, may cause damage to your belongings, which can be costly to repair or replace. If you want to spend more time with your family while keeping your home sweet home clean at all times, hiring a maid is a great idea.

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