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Money Saving Tips in your New House Plumbing Job – Renovation

After moving to a new house, one of your priorities is a renovation, depending on the nature of the house. Common renovations ideas may include paint, plumbing system, electrical connection, and roofing. However, the process, such as plumbing jobs, can be expensive. So, how much does a plumber cost? The average cost of a plumber is about $100, but it can go slightly lower or higher depending on other factors.

Consequently, you need to know the best ways to do the renovation within your budget or even slightly lower than that. It’s what this article is all about: how to save on plumbing costs when you have moved to a new house that requires renovation.

Money-Saving Tips in Your New House Plumbing Job

Schedule Plumbing Renovation

Unless you have already moved into the new house and you have leaks or clogged drains, planning for your plumbing renovations is better when you want to save on cost. Usually, emergency issues that need immediate correction by a plumber will cost more than scheduled services.

Therefore, planning and booking your plumbing job will highly reduce the expense. It’s the best approach for someone doing a plumbing renovation and remodeling, such as installing new pipes.

Additionally, it allows time for the preparation of a plumber quote.

Let Your Plumber Handle the Plumbing Work Only

Usually, if you hire a professional yet need them to handle extra tasks out of their expertise, they will charge you more. It’s a similar case when hiring a plumber to perform additional activities.

However, there are small tasks not related to plumbing and might lead to increased cost. Among them are moving items or furniture out of the room where the plumbing job is being done, lighting the area for better vision, or removing drywall to access the plumbing system. These are among the tasks that led to increased plumbing fees.

Therefore, if you are focused on saving some money, do some of the tasks yourself. For instance, you can prepare the job site for the plumber by opening up the walls and do lighting on a dark basement. You can as well obtain the plumbing permit yourself and do it earlier.

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The plumber will not waste time doing such tasks but only focus on the plumbing job. Also, the project will go faster; thus, no extra charges will be incurred.

Retain the Existing Plumbing Layout

Modifying the existing plumbing footprint or layout can cost you a lot. Therefore while renovating your new house, try to keep it simple.

Avoid your drain pipes, vent stacks, sewer pipe, or changing where your sink, shower, or toilet is placed. This kind of plumbing job is expensive and time-consuming.

Use PEX Piping Instead of Copper Piping

Cost such as that of labor depends on the time the plumbing job takes. However, you can cut down the renovation cost considering the kind of materials you purchase for your plumbing work.

Therefore, buying PEX piping instead of copper piping is a viable choice. Copper pipes are expensive compared to PEX pipes. PEX is affordable, and that’s their main advantage for a remodeling project.

Choose Crimp-Fit Connectors over Push-Fit Connectors

Choosing crimp-fit connectors over push-fit connectors is another way to save money while selecting plumbing materials. Crimp-fit pipe connectors are more affordable compared to push-fit ones.

Push-fit style couplings allow the plumber to connect the two sections of the pipe without a tool. However, disconnecting the pipes requires a unique instrument.

On the other hand, crimp-fit style couplings require you to squeeze a copper ring over the PEX Pipe and a different type of copper using a crimping tool.

Someone might be thinking how tedious it would be to install a crimp-fit connector and cost them more. Plumbers have the skills to install crimp-fit style couplings as fast as push-fit connectors. Additionally, push-fit are highly-priced and suitable for a small project. Conversely, crimp fit connectors are affordable and ideal for a large project.

Buy Your Own Plumbing Fixtures

Depending on the condition of your plumbing system, there some fixtures you might need to replace. However, a plumber or your contractor might supply other parts such as pipes and valves.

Consider buying from a reputable seller if you’re buying fixtures such as bathtubs, showers, toilets, or kitchen sinks. There are several online platforms specifically selling plumbing parts, fixtures, and tools. They have reasonable and affordable prices compared to other local suppliers.

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Despite the fixture being relatively low-priced on the online platforms, you should mind the shipping cost. Also, talk to your plumber or contractor since they might help select the best models.

Provide a Comfortable Environment for the Plumber

Doing every reasonable thing to create a conducive environment for your plumber will help you save money. As highlighted above, the plumber will focus on his task only when everything is ready for plumbing work. As a result, they will finish the job within a short time, thus not charge you a lot.

Other things include ensuring your pet and children are not a distraction while the plumber is undertaking his tasks. Also, allowing the plumber to use your washroom would compensate for the time he would go out there looking for a public bathroom. You would still pay for the time a plumber is out if the project is not yet complete. You’ll only ask them to maintain cleanliness.

A good environment would help you save a significant amount.

Plumbing services can be expensive. However, with the above tips, you can save money while doing renovations in your new house.

There some things you can do yourself and avoid paying the extra cost to a plumber. Providing a conducive environment allows the plumber to focus on their task and wind up within a short time.

Lastly, if you are not doing a major replacement of the plumbing system, maintain its original layout and choose materials such as PEX pipes and crimp-fit connectors. They are affordable and easy to fix, and don’t cost much to install.


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