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Need Ideas? Top Basement Remodeling Trends in St. Petersburg, FL

Most kids avoid the basement like the plague because it’s dark, smells funny, and cold. After watching too many horror movies growing up, it’s still a place of nightmares for some people. But that’s a lot of square footage that’s being wasted! If you’re hoping to sell your St. Petersburg, Florida house quickly, your best bet is to get over your fears and finish that basement!

A finished basement doesn’t just add the square footage of livable space; it can increase your home’s value! Imagine the shock you’d experience if you ordered a free home appraisal, and the appraiser said your home is worth tens of thousands of dollars more just because of that finished basement! 

If you want a few ideas for transforming your basement, some basement remodeling trends will grab the buyer’s attention.

Open concept basements

Something is appealing about having large open spaces and being able to communicate with other household members and guests. Usually, we think of open concept layouts upstairs in the main living areas, but keeping the basement open makes the space feel larger, airy, and more welcoming. You can section off areas of the open basement to accommodate multiple purposes: an entertaining area, a play area, a mini-bar area, a home gym, etc.

Home theaters

Home theaters surged in popularity during the COVID pandemic, and it continues to be a feature that buyers love. Homeowners can choose to have a fully enclosed theater experience, or it can be left as an open television area. However, you’re good to go if the space is wired for a sound system, internet for streaming, and a home theater system. You have a home run with LED lighting, dark walls, and theater seating!

Guest suites

Whether you regularly host guests for extended periods or open your home to a loved one in need, a basement guest suite is a functional feature that you can enjoy right now, even if you aren’t going to sell in the immediate future. The guest suite can be as simple as a private bedroom and bathroom, or it could be a full-on apartment with a kitchen and living area. 

Home gym or home office

A home gym or a home office are both popular options for a basement renovation. These renovations appeal to people who want to get in shape but hate the gym or people who can work remotely – or both!

Light colors

Everyone knows that it should be bright and airy if you want to make a space feel inviting; most basements are not that. Homeowners finishing their basements use light colors like pale pink, pastel yellows, and shades of white and gray as their primary colors (walls, floors, ceilings, and large pieces of furniture). For pop colors, they use accessories, artwork, and plants (real or fake) throughout the space. 

Basements are getting much more attention than they used to, and we say it’s about it! Finished basements are a huge selling point and if you want your St. Petersburg home to sell for more money and spend less time on the market, consider one of these remodeling projects.


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