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Interior Decorating, Design, and Redesign: What’s the Difference?

Creating a perfect design for a home/office is the number one priority when a person is considering renovation or remodeling. A typical person can try and as much done on his own. There are many DYI info videos available on the internet. However, there comes a time that things require a more experienced hand.

A Kitchen Renovation Contractorcan provide you with the ultimate solution to your problems. It can be either decorating or design or redesigning. Each one of these has their perks. However, they are a lot of dissimilarity amongst them. A layperson may not be able to tell the difference between them.

In this article, we will be explaining each of the processes to help people build a deep understanding.

Interior Decorating:

Interior decorating is the art of embellishing a place according to the preference of the client and the prevailing fashion. They work on color schemes, placement of stuff such as furniture, carpets, covers, and artworks.

The work of a decorator revolves around the room, be it a kitchen, living room, dining room or bedroom. Since they work around the preexisting structure, the renovation can be cheaper then if a person was to design the thing. With a little addition the place gets a new look. However, new items can also be added to the cost. They are already coming out of preallocated funds.

Another essential aspect of interior decorating is the management of time. Often decorators are working on multiple projects, so they have to make sure they finish each assignment on time. The customers expect the work finish as quickly as possible. The Interior decorator can efficiently complete the task ranging from one day to a whole week. It is the main reason people prefer decorating rather than redesigning their homes.

The people who are involved in this process have a keen eye for detail. Interior decorators bring your desires to life. A good decorator can sense the needs of the customer and determine the best course of action. All this has to be done within the confines of a preset budget. There is a lot of planning before a proposal can be put into motion.

Interior Redesign:

The redesigning process involves rearranging and reusing the already existing stuff like wall hangings, furniture, and paintings. The space around the room is effectively transformed, and it presents a new look, which is rather appealing.

The transformation is not only aesthetic but also quite functional. The care is taken to maximize the efficiency of the room. The visual appeals are generally kept to an acceptable level as the input of the customers determines the course of action.

The interior redesign can be adopted for your living area or workspace when:

  • One wishes to change the look of the room.
  • To have the full use of the room, clearing up space which has been unnecessarily occupied by other stuff.
  • You want an elegant looking room that is aesthetically pleasing and according to the latest trend.
  • You have a small budget and cannot afford to change everything else.
  • A person wants to decorate it for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, or family functions.
  • You have tried to make a better look but are unable to do so yourself.
  • When you are relocating to a new place or other people are moving in.

Interior design:

An Interior designer surveys the existing space and formulates a plan based on what they see. After that, they interview the people who live there to form a picture of what they might desire. They are the ones who make plans for the whole structure to ensure that the required parameters are observed. The interior designer also has to:

  • Confer with customers to provide an effective strategy, which covers aspects like aesthetic desire, functionality, and budget.
  • To ascertain, the clients need.
  • Advise the customer on the best color scheme, style and procedure.
  • Draw details for complete construction plans.
  • Coordinate with architect, contractor, engineers, and other workers to ensure success.
  • Cost approximation to make sure the project completes on time without any hassle.
  • Help synchronize all the installation undertakings.
  • Get the approval of the client.

Main Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration:

  1. The Interior designers are licensed professionals who have proper education from an institute. They hold a degree or a certificate. On top of that, they are accredited and registered from a government organization. They have a lot more technical knowledge and training than their counterparts.

The skills include establishing a plan for your home to manipulate the rooms space and building plans. They base the design on the building regulations of the area and the desires of the clients.

  1. A Decorator does not need any certification from the authorities. They can operate with little or no training at all. Their primary skills are creativity and the ability to adapt in a given space and situation. They give their recommendation based on what the client desires and the latest trends. They are more in a consultation capacity. They regularly update the design and present different proposals for the clients.
  2. Interior Redesigning, as a profession is a new concept. They take the existing décor and reshuffle them. It requires less effort and low budget. The placement of the stuff can also create a better visual effect, increasing the space of the room. Suddenly you feel like the room has grown in size. The redesigning methods emphasis on creating useful space and an aesthetic appeal.


If you feel that you do not have a grip on the situation, you can hire interior designers or decorators. Though there many steps that you might not able to take without a reliable kitchen renovation contractor. One of the primary problems is that implementation of the plan requires experience and the working knowledge of the industry.

You can decide upon any action once you have taken proper advice. It is not always possible to implement a desirable plan due to the constraint of time or money. A building owner can work out the details. However, before any work can begin, they have to decide the extent of work they need to get done.

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