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Central AC or Ductless? Which is Best?

Are you shopping for new AC? If so, then you must be stuck with unlimited options of air conditioner that is not making you easy in any way. Besides deciding the budget, color, star-rate, and efficiency of the system, you will have to choose between the models which is the central AC or Ductless model. 

Here’s the suggestion from the experts of Weather Engineers. If you have functional ductwork that is in its best condition, then the best option is to opt for a central air conditioner. And in case, if your ductwork is old and needs heavy repairing, then choosing the ductless air conditioner is the better option. No matter what model or type of air conditioner you choose for your house, contact only the experienced experts for AC installation Jacksonville, FL

It does not matter how much you have invested in the system or which latest model you own, ensuring the installation process is carried on by the professionals is very important. The AC installation plays a vital role that decides the efficiency, performance, and smooth operation for many years. Even a small mistake during the installation process could cost you dearly with repeated repairs and other related problems.  

A ductless air conditioner is a best-recommended option for the following circumstances.

  • Old homes that do not have ductwork or need expensive ductwork repair
  • The new building which has no ductwork and the installation of ductwork exceeds your budget
  • A newly added room or additional room for cooling that has no ductwork in it.

If you find yourself under the above criteria, then a ductless air conditioner is right for you.

Investing in the air conditioner does not depend just on the ductwork, but on other factors like,

  • Installation cost
  • Cooling capacity
  • Operational cost and 
  • Zoning control

Installation Cost

As from the experts, installing the ductless air conditioner is 30% more expensive when compared to central air conditioner units. This is only for the installation price, where if you add the installation or repairing ductwork cost, then the central air conditioner would also come to the same price as that of the ductless units.  

Though central air conditioner units are better in their operation, central AC or Ductless units are not behind the race too. The ductless units are in trends today for its improved efficiency, low maintenance, and temperature control features. So, do not decide the model of the air conditioner just by looking at the installation price, but from its features, inmates need and demands, efficiency, and more. 

Cooling Capacity

Both the models of the air conditioner are measured in British Thermal Units – BTU. It gives you the information of heat removed from the house in the time period of one hour.  

The two systems are compared in the following cooling capacity.

  • Ductless AC – 1,700 to 12,00 BTUs
  • Central AC – 12,00 to 60,000 BTUs

To know about the size of the air conditioner for your home, contact the professionals for `load calculation’. It is a complicated measurement that takes ceiling height, local climate, insulation levels, and many other factors into consideration.

Operational Cost

It has been proved that a ductless air conditioner is considered better in efficiency than a central air conditioner. It is because the central units lose about 30% of their efficiency in the holes, leaks, or poorly connected ducts. In simpler terms, for $100 you spend on the cooling, you will be losing about $20 – $30 in holes and leaks.  

Since the ductless units do not have any ductwork, no energy is wasted giving you 100% efficiency. In short, you will be paying less for better and more cooling.

Zoning Control

Zoning means breaking your home into different cooling areas. For instance, in the case of central units, if the first floor rooms are warmer than the ground floor, then you will need a separate thermostat for upper and ground floor rooms to control the temperature individually. Whereas in ductless units, it works in one unit to cool one area or room. You can control it according to your temperature you like without needing any zonings. 

Investing in a central AC or Ductless conditioner is not an easy task and requires help from experienced professionals. So no matter what type and model you choose or prefer, contact the experts for clear AC understanding.


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