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Fall Home Improvement Ideas For 2019

Fall is the perfect time of year to get your hands dirty in the midst of a home improvement project. The weather is perfect for working out in the yard, and you can minimize your energy consumption for heating/air.

Fall means you’ll be saving money on energy, so you’ll have a little extra to toss into upgrading your home. If you’re looking to get into something constructive, check out a quick look at some fall home improvement ideas to get you started.

Get out in the yard

There are lots to be done in your yard when fall comes along. The cooler temperatures make it easier to spend time working out in the sun, so you can spend more time getting all the work done.

However, the sun is still a powerful force, even though it may not be hot. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, and sunscreen is always a priority.

Your flowers and trees need a little extra protection to make it through the cold temperatures of winter, so make it a point to add a thick layer of mulch around the base of young trees and in the flower bed.

Get around to sealing all those air leaks

Fall is the best time to prepare for the harsh winter weather, and your home can’t be efficient with air leaks. Stay warm this winter, and spend time hunting down all the air leaks in your home.

Check your windows and doors for a proper seal. Get up in the attic and down into the basement to scope out all the problem areas in your home.

Fixing the air leaks in your home will save you money no matter what the weather chooses to do by helping make your home’s heating/air systems more effective.

Clean out the chimney

You and your honey will want to spend time relaxing by the fire soon, so you’ll need to give it a good yearly cleaning. Clean the fireplace of old debris, but make sure the chimney is cleaned up as well. Hire professionals to give it a good once over, so you have no hiccups the first time you use it for the season.

Create a comfortable outdoor space

The cool fall temperatures are enticing to outdoor lovers, so it makes sense to set up a cozy outdoor seating area. Add a fire pit as a centerpiece for your space, and keep everyone warm as they congregate throughout the season.

Renovate a mudroom

The kids still want to run in and out of the house in the fall and winter, but the ground is a bit more troublesome through those seasons. You’ll find more mud and debris makes its way into the house via the shoes of your family.

Building a mudroom in your home will give everyone a designated space for the mess. Your mudroom will keep the mess from spreading all throughout the house, and it will look cool doing it.

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