Rural Beauty Captures by Some Great Photographers
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Rural Beauty Captures by Some Great Photographers

The light, glamour, and the speed of modern life is, without a doubt, a great asset for professional photographers. The spots exhibit the very nature of humans and the advancement they have achieved.

However, when it comes to humanistic photographs that could present the beauty of the natural world, no place stands a chance again the rural areas. These supposedly less progressive areas present excellent connectivity with nature and offer some really extraordinary landscapes.

These places have attracted a lot of professional photographers over time. There are tons of photographers who generate a whole lot of photographs inspired by these places.

The following are the most famous photographers and their works that you must surely see. Their works will show you the outcomes of ‘when talent meets nature.’

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1. The Abandoned House

Abandoned houses always provide a very unique and rustic look. They are perfect for showing the age of something, but the photographer Steve huff saw it with a very different angle.

Steve’s image of the abandoned house presented a touch of boldness and color pop. He shot this picture using a Leica M9 somewhat around 2009 and 2010. At the time the photographer was shooting rural areas of Illinois and Missouri.

The specialty of this photograph was that it presented the whole story and the times this house has seen.

2. The Forbidden City Tree

The black and white photography of the tree comes from China. The photographer Michael Kenna shot this masterpiece around 2007 in Beijing.

Michael was always into contemporary photography and most of his photography present his unique perspective of the subject. Kenna has a very different style of using long exposures, composition and minimalist aesthetics that made his pictures look very different.

He also preferred to take most of the pictures in black and white. Even the painted walls of an irrigation warehouse would appear dark in his pictures.

The Abandoned House

This particular picture shows why his approach was so successful. The image doesn’t even use a single color and still manage to deliver a complete message. The slight difference of focus from the tree to the background further adds an element of interest in the tree and brings out its importance.

3. Yangtze- The Long River

The long river is one of the best works of the Israel photographer, Nadav Kander. The whole series was shot near the Yangtze River with a distance of twenty miles from the river. The series included photographs of fishermen, swimmers, workers and a man washing his bike in the river. Kander earned a Prix Pictet prize for this specific series.

Yangtze- The Long River

The picture that you see here is one of the most brilliant photos from the Long river series. Kander took it in 2006 at Chongqing XVII, Chongqing Municipality. The picture focuses on a woman sitting on the rocky bed of the river, holding an umbrella in her hand.

As for the background, you see a mild fog and a slight impression of green mountains with some houses on it. It showed a strong message about how human and nature interact with each other to support life.

4. Solitary Pursuit

The famous freelance journalist, videographer, writer, lecturer and teacher, Frederic Hore shot Solitary pursuit. The photographer always had a passion for shooting the wonder of nature and has contributed numerous photographs exhibiting it.

This particular image comes from his shoot at the lake Memphremagog, near Magog, Quebec. He shot it on 4 January 2011.

The picture presents a lone ice fisherman passing through the river on a cold morning. It also presents the beauty of the natural light and its scattering due to fog.

Solitary Pursuit

5. Birds Of A Feather

India, the country of many religions and languages, is also known for its rich natural beauty. This home country of the great Himalayas has rivers and landscape that are simply breathtaking.

The ‘Birds Of A Feather’ is a contribution of this country. A Kolkata, India based photographer, Deb Lahiri took this snap. He shot it using a modern Nikon d700 DSLR with 10-24mm Tamron lens.

The snap presents a view of the Ladakh’s Pangong Lake, located near the Indo-China border. This lake is also known as the paradise of the migratory bird. In this picture, you will see a flock of brown-headed gulls that traveled to the lake. Most of these birds are sitting in the water while two of them are flying around the place.

Complimenting the board and the clean blue river is a background with clear skies and multi-shade hills.

Birds Of A Feather

6. Hemel And Aarde Valley

The simple translation of the Hemel and Aarde Valley is the heaven and earth valley. Though the name seems a bit odd, it is perfect for this specific photograph.

It creates a view of the sport where the heaven bend meets the earth, and this valley presents a scene that is similar to this instance. The place has a variety of beautiful looking trees, farms, and vegetation belts that literally make it look like heaven for the nature lovers. The heightened mountain and the touch of smoke in the picture further add to the heavenly effect.

This picture comes from the Hermanus region of South Africa and is one of the greatest works of the photographer Daniel Reddie. He used a Nikon D5100 with Tamron 18-270mm lens for this picture. The photographer took multiple images of the place and then combined them together to form the extra HDR effect you see in the snap.

Hemel And Aarde Valley

7. Loney Boat

From the eastern part of India, comes another magnificent looking rural landscape photograph, Loney Boat. The Photographer Amlan Sany took this photo in the Siliguri part of the West Bengal region of the country.

The photo presents an extraordinary balance of color, contrast, element, and perspective. The sheet metal boat tied with a wooden log is not something that uncommon, but the Amlan had created a focus on the subject makes it unique. He had used the reflection of the dim sunlight and its pattern to create a straight route way to the boat.

The small grassy edge in front of the boat and green patch at the back also catch attention for the main subject.

As a photographer, you may also see some electric poles and wires at the back of the boat. These poles are not a part of nature and should look odd in this picture, but somehow they don’t.

Loney Boat

The Final Words

The rural photography is more than just clicking a button, it about capturing the untouched beauty of nature. Of course, the setting for ISO, shutter, aperture, exposure, and focus will remain identical to usual urban photography, but there is more to it. The rural images speak for themselves. They tell the story of life written with the color of nature.

The above images are just a few photos from the diaries of some rural photographers; there are a lot more to explore. So, pack your bag and at least once in your try a rural photography trip. It will redefine the whole meaning of beauty and purity for you.

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