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DIY Tips For Air Conditioning Repair & Troubleshooting That You Should Know

No one wants to have a malfunctioning AC, especially on a hot and humid day. It’s quite unfortunate when you come home, expecting a cool breeze coming from your air conditioner but find it not working. However, it certainly does not mean that you need to call an professional air conditioning repair in Littleton CO. Not every time you need to make a call to a technician to help you out with your malfunctioning AC. Here are some DIY tips that you can use to solve your AC problems that require minimum maintenance:

Check the settings

The most preliminary thing that you can do is to check the settings of your air conditioner. Many professional air conditioning repair companies often recommend checking the settings since the person is mostly unconscious while coming from a hectic day and accidentally puts the AC on fan only mode. Sometimes, they even set the timer to which the AC either shifts to fan mode or turns off. Hence checking the AC setting is the primary thing that you can do.

Check the Breakers

Electrical fluctuations can occur at any time. They can trip off in case a fluctuation occurs to avoid any mishap by cutting the electrical supply to the appliances. In case your AC isn’t working, it is possible that there might be a malfunction with your breaker or electrical switch that you need to check. In case they are damaged due to the malfunction. You can carefully pull them out by turning the main current off and having them exchanged from the market.

Check AC Coils & Filters

One of the most common problems occurring, which results in AC malfunctioning are the issues with coils and filters. If you haven’t given your AC filters and coils a cleaning, then it’s probably a good time to do so, since dirty coils tend to fail in releasing the heat from the AC outdoor condenser. In addition, blocked filters will also be unable to clean the air and the passage of air will be blocked due to the accumulated dust. If timely service and cleaning of the coils and filters aren’t done then, they may create a blockade of dust and the AC condenser will shut down due to heat. Instead of hiring technicians that use strong liquid acid to clean the dust and grime, you can easily clean the coils and filter with a garden hose, once in every week for having a seamlessly working air conditioner.

Checking Access Panel

Another most common DIY air conditioner repair idea that you can opt for is checking the access panel of your air conditioner to see whether any wires are not chewed by any trespassing rodents. Rodents and mice tend to enter at such places, and often damage the wires by chewing them. In addition, wires can tend to fray if not maintained over time, which might result in short circuiting, and cause the appliance to shut down or in worse cases, catch fire. Though proper maintenance and cleaning would solve this issue and you can simply repair the wires yourself too.

Checking Electrical Capacitor

Another common reason why your AC isn’t functioning to its best is because its capacitor has failed to meet the requirements due to wearing or malfunctioning because of a voltage fluctuation. Capacitors are an important part of air conditioners since they help store electricity and give a boost to fan startup power. If you know how to replace a capacitor, and are experienced with electrical repairs, then you can easily choose to replace the capacitor yourself by connecting terminals to completely discharge the current and replacing it with a new capacitor that matches the make and the model of your AC. In case you are not familiar with the process, it’s better to call an expert so that further damage can be avoided.

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