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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in both apartments and private houses. This room should have a thoughtful design, matching finishing elements, as well as modern kitchen appliances. In this regard, no modern property owner today can do without automated planning of their kitchen with the preparation of plans, side views, and a full-fledged 3D model. Our Convenient kitchen design tool is the latest and greatest software to meet the needs of every designer.

How does a kitchen planner work?

Kitchen planning software is versatile and very easy to use. The kitchen design tool is equipped with the following features:

  •         Drawing up a plan for the kitchen space.
  •         Development of a three-dimensional 3D model in detail.
  •         Switching from 3D to 2D graphics.
  •         On the toolbar, you can switch between different categories with several thousand items of kitchen furniture, equipment, sanitary ware, and decoration items.
  •         The ability to rotate the 3D model in any direction with the help of special equipment.
  •         Applying dimensions to the layout, drawing up specifications, and drawing up tables with space-planning characteristics.

The described kitchen planner is in many ways reminiscent of a computer game, thanks to the excellent quality of the graphical visualization of the space, as well as the simplicity of the logical interface.

Benefits of using the Convenient kitchen design tool

Our software for efficient kitchen space planning and design is in high demand among both residential property owners and high-level professionals due to the following advantages:

  •         Ease of use of tools.
  •         Wide range of features.
  •         The ability to install software not only on a PC but also on mobile devices running on the iOS or Android operating system.
  •         The unique technology of 5D modeling and review of the finished design of the room.
  •         The ability to work both from scratch and using a ready-made template that is loaded in the system’s memory.
  •         The ability to save and transform the file into other formats, allows you to open it in almost any graphics editor.
  •         Convenient comprehensive tips for each tool allow the user to avoid mistakes when developing a design.
  •         Convenient technical support for users who can always ask a specialist a question on the official website of the software and get a detailed answer during the call center’s working hours.
  •         Ease of removal of unnecessary elements of decoration or equipment, as well as their replacement and rearrangement, drawing adjustments.
  •         A large number of symbols of realistic materials. surface structures.
  •         This kitchen planner with 5D graphics technology is equipped with artificial intelligence, the program itself offers the best and most logical solutions and indicates to the user possible errors, which allows him to quickly create the kitchen of his dreams without in-depth knowledge or long experience with similar programs.

The convenient kitchen design tool is not just a program for designing kitchen space but also expands human creativity and provides a fun and useful pastime.

What does the Convenient kitchen design tool bring to professional designers?

Professional designers are also increasingly choosing our kitchen planner and installing it on their computers to work on their clients’ projects for the following reasons:

  •         Despite the presence of a wide palette of colors and structures, and animated graphics, this program is distinguished by the highest accuracy. This allows the designer to fit equipment or pieces of furniture into the designed space with an accuracy of tenths of a millimeter, which completely eliminates errors during the implementation of design solutions.
  •         The ability to edit the graphic part of the project not only in two-dimensional space but also in 3D format. The designer can zoom in or out on each item, change the viewing angle, and accurately determine the geometric parameters of all niches, and ledges, which will ensure that the forge is ideally equipped with built-in furniture or appliances that will not protrude beyond the wall, interfere in the aisles or cause discomfort to the future owner of the interior.
  •         The designer does not have to redraw from scratch even the rarest pieces of furniture or kitchen equipment. He can put a narrow column, drawers for dishes, a small cabinet above the hood, internal food storage trays, as well as small kitchen appliances such as a microwave, mixer, or coffee machine. All these tools are present in numerous software libraries, and their total number is 4000 items.
  •         The designer does not have to retrain and take lengthy refresher courses with this program. Everything here is very simple, structured, and logical. If a professional designer has extensive experience in designing graphic drawings in Coral Draw and CAD systems, then the Convenient kitchen design tool will seem to him an exciting colorful game that will not cause any difficulties during the workflow.

Thus, designers not only buy and install this software based on artificial intelligence and 5D design but also actively recommend it in professional communities, leave only positive reviews about it and note many advantages over competitive programs and kitchen planners.


When potential customers contact our company to purchase and install the Convenient kitchen design tool, they often ask typical questions. For the convenience of using our Internet portal, below are the most popular customer questions with detailed answers to each of them.

What is the price of the program?

The software is completely free and users can customize the perfect kitchen to suit their needs, and change or add furniture and equipment at no cost.

Can I open a graphic file developed by other editors in the software?

Yes, the kitchen planner has built-in algorithms for reading and recognizing the compatibility of files of different formats. For both of them, the user can not only read the drawing, but also edit it, and, during the transformation, the model goes into the planner without any losses, distortions, or errors.

How to work with this program if I have no experience in interior design?

This program is designed for both professionals and beginners. Each icon has hinted, and the interface is extremely simplified. Thus, to learn how to use the kitchen planner, it is enough just to have computer experience and basic border design skills at the school level.


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