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Building Renovation Tips for Beginners

Remodeling your commercial building is an exciting opportunity to design a space you can love again. You’ll improve its appearance, value, and functionality. However, renovation is a time-consuming task with many factors to consider. Projects like this require careful planning to ensure you get the most out of your investment.  

Why Complete a Commercial Building Renovation?

Sometimes it’s evident that your commercial space needs some updating, like when you notice cracks in the walls or peeling paint. But you may choose to delay the project because of the expenses involved. Unfortunately, doing nothing comes at a price and can stall the success of a business. 

You gain many benefits by committing to remodeling your commercial building. Some of those benefits include the following: 

  • Create a positive first impression for potential employees
  • Improve traffic flow to your building 
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Conserve energy 
  • Increase the value of your property 

When you put off a renovation, you fall further behind. Completing a remodeling project approximately every 10 years will ensure you remain current and help prepare your space for the future. 

Building Renovation Tips 

Undergoing a commercial renovation is a significant endeavor, and much can go wrong. By following these tips, you can prepare yourself and your space for a successful project.  

Establish a Budget 

When completing commercial building renovations, consult a qualified contractor regarding your renovation plans and the associated costs. Knowing what to expect financially helps you prioritize the project. Many people end up overspending because of improper planning and a lack of a budget. It’s a good idea to leave some wiggle room in the budget to cover unexpected expenses that arise throughout the renovation.   

Research Required Permits 

Most commercial property renovations require building permits to alter your property. These permits provide proof that you are allowed to have construction on the premises based on the rules and regulations of your city or state. They establish a foundation of safety for everyone working on your renovations.   

Look for Financial Incentives 

Sometimes you can find local, state, or federal tax incentives to renovate commercial properties. One such incentive is the federal tax credit for adding commercial solar panels. Some of these economic incentives include: 

  • Electric utility rebates 
  • State and local income tax credits 
  • State and local property tax exemptions on the solar panels
  • Income from the sale of renewable energy credits  

Many other energy efficiency incentives exist for businesses interested in using renewable energy or other eco-friendly energy systems.  

Hire Experienced Contractors 

To ensure a successful project, you need a contractor who fits best with your vision. This is someone you can talk to comfortably and who will deliver quality results within your desired timeframe. Find someone with a portfolio or who will give you references to speak with regarding the quality of their work, expertise, attitude, and honesty.

It’s always a good idea to speak with several contractors before committing to one. Many will provide a free consultation to discuss your project. Use this time to get as much information as possible to help you best understand every option.    

Create a Schedule 

Your contractor should help you create a timeframe for when the project will be completed. Notify the necessary people of the schedule and continue to update them throughout the project. Expect delays and minor changes to occur from start to finish.

If this is a major renovation, consider staggering smaller projects. That way, your space will be only partially covered with construction equipment, and you won’t be financially or physically overwhelmed.   

Make It a Team Effort 

Most commercial renovations are tedious undertakings, so having a team to help with every aspect of the project is crucial. Delegating specific tasks among your team allows them to be finished on time. 

Delegation includes hiring professionals to complete any cleaning tasks. For example, if the outside of your building is covered in graffiti, consider hiring a commercial cleaning service specializing in graffiti removal.   

Get Everything in Writing 

When you sign a contract with any contracted workers, ensure you have a copy for your records. This document will establish pricing, schedules, and other important information. You can refer back to this contract to hold your team accountable, and it protects your best interests during your commercial renovation.

Plan for Success

If you follow these tips and take the time to prepare before starting your renovation project, you’ll end up with the beautifully updated space you need to move your business forward.   

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