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What to Expect from a Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home and as a consequence is also one of the rooms that undergo the most remodelling. However professional work and proper planning to are vital to ensure even a small renovation does not become a big problem. But what should you expect from a bathroom renovation?

1 How long will a bathroom renovation take to complete?

Bathroom remodelling in the real world takes rather longer than it might seem on television. Jobs cannot be started until the arrival of special orders. Even items as seemingly commonplace as a glass shower door will still need to be measured in order to ensure it fits correctly. A simple bathroom renovation usually takes between seven to ten days after the arrival of all relevant materials such as high quality copper pipe.

However bigger bathrooms that involve the installation of completely new showers or have extra plumbing locations could see a renovation take as long as up to four or five weeks.

2 How much will a bathroom renovation cost?

Outdated individual pieces in a bathroom such as a vanity can be replaced without the need for a full bathroom renovation. However if there is more than one such piece that needs to be replaced then a complete renovation could actually end up being much more cost-effective in the long run.

A budget of around $20,000 to $30,000 is to be expected for a standard full bathroom renovation, including off-the-shelf fittings, fixtures and materials including high quality copper pipe. Upscale renovations could cost around $60,000.

This means that it is very important for customers to know precisely what they want in a bathroom renovation, and how much they are willing and able to pay for it.

3 Expect a lot of mess

Planning a bathroom renovation can be very exciting, but the reality can be very messy and cause a good deal of inconvenience for householders.

One thing you should expect is for the bathroom renovation to be noisy as well as messy. A full bathroom renovation will include the pulling out of the likes of toilets, showers, floors, tubs, sinks, and drywall and occasionally even windows, all of which will result in noise and mess.

The carpentry involved in a full bathroom renovation entails electrical rewiring and upgrading, new drywall, new lighting and fixtures, ceramics and tiling and painting. While a barrier can be put up to try and prevent dust getting from the bathroom to the rest of the house, it is inevitable for it to happen sometimes. However a professional contractor will always clean up and do everything they can to minimise the stress and discomfort caused to householders.

4 What should you check prior to a bathroom renovation?

Before a bathroom renovation can begin householders should take into consideration what will need to be replaced and come up with a checklist.

This list can include everything from plumbing pipes, which need the best quality copper pipe and tubing, to lighting and shower bases and floors.

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