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The Difference Between Built and Natural Landscapes

Nature is a wondrous thing. It provides us with a variety of flora, and comes in different shapes and sizes. Natural landscapes, especially, can leave one awe-struck by its simple yet striking beauty that has been constructed by nothing else but nature itself. But what is a natural landscape, and how does it differ from a built landscape?

What does natural landscape mean?

Simply put, a natural landscape is a landscape that has been borne from changes that have taken place naturally on the land. These changes can be influenced by the weather, strong winds, proximity to water sources, and the natural soil erosion that occurs in some land types. These changes subtly sculpt and design the landscape over years and years to form mountains, valleys, plains naturally.

What are the natural environments?

Natural environments refer to all living and nonliving things that occur naturally. The major types include, but are not limited to:

  • Forests
    • Moisture laden and warm, trees grow tall and this type of environment boasts the most variety of flora and fauna.
  • Grasslands
    • Found in tropical or temperate regions, this type is semi-arid, with sparse greenery and trees, but is well-suited to grazing animals.
  • Deserts
    • With low precipitation and sparse or nonexistent vegetation as a result, deserts are often dry and windy.
  • Marine
    • Containing saltwater, this encompasses the ocean floor and surfaces, but also includes salt marshes, swamps, mangroves, and coral reefs.

Built Landscapes

Built landscapes are, simply put, artificial and man-made constructions. With the usage of tools and processed materials, this turns natural landscapes into structured areas that people live, and work in. These can include building construction, dams, reservoirs, and roads. But it isn’t just limited to those! Built landscapes can also include gardens in residential landscaping in Perth, where the important parts of natural landscapes are harkened to in landscape design to exude a more natural and organic feel.

Landscape designers are especially skilled in working with existing lawn conditions and redesigning according to the client’s specifications, as well as the particular limitations that the garden space affords. They take into account the available space, the existing home design, the general climate, as well as water feature limitations and maintenance. They will provide suggestions to fully utilise and create a great landscape whilst staying in budget not just in the construction phase, but also in regards to future maintenance and costs, which can include mowing, water costs, and the like.

It’s important to note that especially in garden landscape design, homeowners usually go for designs that provide them with a little piece of nature in their own property. This can be with water fountain installations, blooming flora, thick shrubbery, and artfully placed rock formations that really exude the beauty of nature in that small space. Not only do these additions provide a more organic aesthetic to the man-made landscape of a residential area, but it provides ample space for relaxation that can only be borne from natural landscapes.

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