5 Home Decor Materials That Last A Long Time
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5 Home Decor Materials That Last A Long Time

If there’s one thing that irks many homeowners, it’s the continual maintenance that comes with owning their home. However, by using sustainable home decor materials, homeowners can avoid the time, money, and headaches involved with constant upkeep.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five types of home decor that can stand the test of time.  

  1. Large Canvas Prints

Have you considered decorating your home with canvas prints? By using big canvas prints as part of your home decor—particularly ones made of long-lasting polyester—you can help cover large areas of wall space at a low cost. Because polyester doesn’t degrade the same way that paint does, your home can be augmented with a stylish interior that takes less time to install than repainting a wall or putting up wallpaper. And when you’re ready to update your wall, the tear down process of canvas prints is much simpler than other types of wall coverings. Meaning you can continue to update your wall with different decorating trends throughout the years.

  1. Certified Wood Furniture

5 Home Decor Materials That Last A Long Time

Is your wood furniture certified? The truth is that wood furniture can be crafted to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means that the wood or paper in a product comes from reclaimed material, FSC certified products are composed of at least 70% wood from responsibly-sourced or recycled material; while the remaining 30% is made of controlled wood. This is of particular value in high-use areas like kitchens, that can benefit from FSC-certified prefinished plywood for cabinets.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Decor for Walls

5 Home Decor Materials That Last A Long Time

If you’ve stopped by one of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores, you’ll find an abundant amount of wood that can be repurposed for wall decor. Not only does reclaimed wood give your house an authentic and rustic look, but it also comes with the benefit of curing over time. Note that you should look for hardwoods, like cedar, which can last up to 20 years (and longer) with minimal care.

  1. Stainless Home Furniture

5 Home Decor Materials That Last A Long Time

According to some statistics, home furniture can last between 10 to 15 years. For many homeowners, this seems like wishful thinking, especially for homes with young children and animals. Stainless steel furniture, on the other hand, can last longer due to the strength of the materials and the longevity of stainless steel. For instance, wooden chairs can be susceptible to wear and tear from larger individuals, particularly at joints that have less-than-stellar adhesive. High design furnishings like Stainless chairs, on the other hand, are made of steel—which is hands-down a much more resilient material.

  1. Recycled Decoration Pieces

5 Home Decor Materials That Last A Long Time

Recycling is an ethical decision that can add beauty to your home and a coziness that newer materials tend to lack. Look at thrift stores and antique shops for old materials that need a new home. Old metal pieces can add tasteful accents and vintage pieces can add character to any room. The truth is simple: if it has managed to land in one of these shops, chances are it can stand up to the test of time. And as a side benefit, holding onto certain types of decoration pieces—like old license plates, advertising pieces from the turn of the 20th century—can actually be valuable in years to come.

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