Profiling the different types of Christmas Lights you can get this year

One of the most important elements of Christmas decor has to be the lighting. Good lighting is what can help produce that festive glow and bring a holiday atmosphere – both in venues as well as outside, and inside, your home.

These days, there’s an incredible range of Christmas lighting options that can help with your outdoor display — reflecting your personal style, season by season. In this guide, we’ll help you get to grips with the different types of Christmas lights that are popular this year, and how they can contribute to your festive set up for 2022.

Christmas light types

A few common Christmas type lights include the below:

Wide-Angle LED mini lights

Wide-Angle LED mini lights are perfect if you’re looking for an option that fits into the background when they’re not being used – and give off a strong coverage of lighting when on. There’s a huge range of colour options for these lights, with white, clear and multicolour being firm favourites.

Large bulb lights

Looking for a retro or vintage feel? Large bulb lights will do just that – and have become a creative option – for those who want something just a little bit different as part of their lighting setup. 

Mini String lights

Some of the most common lights on the market are mini string lights. They’re your classic Christmas light and, like the wide-angle mini lights, come in so many different colours. You can even mix and match, depending on the type of look you’re going for!

Icicle lights

These lights look exactly how they sound. They’re certainly a fun option and add to the winter-filled aesthetic that’s come to be associated with Christmas. So even if it’s not a White Christmas this year, you’ll still have beautiful, lit up icicles to enjoy.

Light projectors

Projectors have become much more popular in recent years and are a great alternative to traditional lights. Easy to install (no ladders required!), all you need to have is an outdoor outlet to plug into and a ‘canvas’ – whether it be a wall, garage door, tree, or roof to project the beautiful images onto.

Light projectors come in a huge variety of Christmas-themed patterns and shapes too. Buy a few and you can switch it up throughout the holiday season – or every year!

Net lights

These lights are already strung together and have a beautiful and dramatic draping effect over different objects or plants. They can be a simple addition to your light display that have quite a transformative effect on the space.

Picking a colour

Different colours of lights can change the style, look and feel of your Christmas decor – so it’s something you want to consider alongside the type of light that you choose. If you want something classic, go with white – although even a whilte light has different hues.

Red and green lights are also traditional Christmas colours – although blue lighting has come in fashion over the years too. Multi-colour lights can also be a great choice too, and come in a variety of colours. 

It’s important to consider the shape of the lights alongside the colour as it can change the effect that the colour can have. 

Some other tips

When purchasing lights, be sure to check if they’re for indoor or outdoor use. It’s also important to think about placement and whether you’re creating any potential safety hazards. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions too, and don’t place too many lights close together. 

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