Everything You Need To Know About Reclaimed Wood
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Everything You Need To Know About Reclaimed Wood

When tackling a home project, it makes sense to want the best materials you can find. After all, a finished project can only be as beautiful and high-quality as its raw materials. For several centuries, a popular and reliable material used in buildings, fences, homes, furniture, and so much more has been wood.  

Unfortunately, despite its reliability and durability, wood often ends up thrown into a landfill as soon as its original purpose is over. There is still a great deal of potential and life in wood even when it no longer serves this purpose, and that is why reclaimed wood is becoming an increasingly popular option for all sorts of products.

Instead of cutting down more trees and opting for unused wood, consider an eco-friendly option that also preserves the history and adds character to your project. Reclaimed wood carries the stories of the previous homes, furniture, railways, factories, or any other projects it may have been a part of. This character makes it original and charming in a way that you won’t find in unused wood, making for a great story to tell when you are finally ready to share your finished product with friends and family.

Reclaimed wood is also available in just as many options (if not more) as unused wood. Species can range from popular options today to popular options from centuries ago, colors are available in a wide variety and patterns also present a range of choices. With so many options, it’s easy to use reclaimed wood for any of your projects whether it be flooring, decorative wood wall panels, or even shelves or rustic furniture. There are also often markings from previous use, such as nail holes, still found on the wood, providing a unique pattern you won’t find elsewhere.

Ultimately, there are nearly unlimited options in terms of specific materials to use for your project. None of them have the same character and environmental benefits, however, like reclaimed wood, so consider that as your next supply of choice!

To learn more about reclaimed wood, check out the infographic below:

Everything You Need To Know About Reclaimed Wood

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