Inspiration for Maximalist Designs
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Inspiration for Maximalist Designs

2019 is going to continue to see an explosion of maximalist designs. Starting last year, popular interior design loosened up and became more uninhibited with colors, patterns, and textures, rejecting the refined neutral minimalism that dominated for several years in the home. Fans of Moulin Rouge, lively and unique trendy bars, and lavish interiors that are gaudy on purpose know maximalism has always been here. But 2019 is granting permission for everyone to get wild.

Even though it might seem like it at first glance, maximalism is not about mashing together a random assortment of patterns and colors. It takes planning and creativity that gives the individual designer a chance to be out there but not inconsiderate. Elements may clash, but it’s a contrast that aims for a specific feel and effect: like a rough, colorful weave paired with smooth, polished metal. They complement one another through conflict, rather than spinning some random design generation wheel.

You may not want your entire house to scream with excessive designs, i.e., in the bedroom, a place of retreat and relaxation. However, living rooms, foyers, and even bathrooms are fantastic places to go all out (and maybe bedrooms, too). Check out the following points of inspiration to spark your maximalist fire.

Living Room (or Bedroom)

  • Loud wallpaper is a maximalist’s best friend
  • Colourful paintings, large ones spanning the wall, or gallery style with a mix of sizes and mediums together (canvas, acrylic, metal)
  • Custom-shaped windows to add to what you’ve got, or which fit into uniquely shaped spaces, adding decorative shapes and highly-prized natural light
  • Bring in sunlight and a breeze with a sliding or garden door to shine on mirrors, metallic and glossy surfaces and décor
  • Combine daring color palettes that buck tradition
  • Pair contrasting textures and feels like silky satin, ribbed, corrugated, polished, matte, distressed, glossy, oxidized, velvety, perforated, cotton, plastic, leather, etc.on furniture, curtains, art, sculptures, floors, ceilings, walls
  • Find unique patterns from deadstock fabric suppliers or vintage stores
  • Use textiles with surprising dyes, like pink leather or metallic orange
  • Bring out the knick-knacks and strange decorative pieces you’ve collected or have been gifted that was hiding in the closet


  • Another fabulous opportunity for bold wallpaper to fill up an open space
  • Feature a grand mosaic tile wall
  • Adorn the walls with paintings, prints, ornate mirrors, decorative hooks
  • Floor plants that are too large or obtrusive for other spaces
  • Update and replace your old front door this year with a colourful one that has a full-length ornate window design to bring in daylight to the space. Place custom windows around the door for even more sun
  • For larger foyers, spread out a massive area rug with powerful pigments and patterns
  • Show-off grand elements like a chandelier or a grandfather clock
  • Mash-up natural and artificial with plants, an indoor pond, rugs, and lamps


If you want to go beyond that generic day spa feel in the bathroom…

  • Hang metal wall art that is scratch-, fade-, and water-resistant
  • Go crazy with the wall tiling: colours, patterns, mosaics, textures/finishes
  • The same goes for the floor tiles: mix-up their look opposed to the walls
  • Combine classic marble counters with vibrant walls
  • Select patterned towels, toilet covers, bath mats, and shower curtains to switch up
  • Be liberal with differently-sized and -shaped mirrors
  • Mix-and-match metallic faucets, the showerhead, and drains
  • Install a colourful toilet or clawfoot bathtub
  • Get some plants that do well in the bathroom environment like bamboo or ivy
  • Bring in animal prints that are cute in small spaces

Pinterest or vision boards are made for maximalists who want to test out the way things look together. So, experiment with visuals – digitally, or even better, in-person.

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