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How to Design a Recreation Room in Your House?

Recreation rooms can serve as a staple for many homes. They can be the perfect spot for family time or game nights with friends, and can provide a hub for entertainment. Rec rooms act as an excellent addition to any house, and can be beneficial to your mood as well as the overall atmosphere of the house. One of the best things about designing your own recreation room is that you can fully customize it to best reflect your interests and hobbies. Whether your interests are playing video games, working out, or creating art, a recreation room has the potential to become your new favorite room in the house. recreation rooms design

Components of a Rec Room

Common features of a recreation room include game tables such as billiards, ping-pong or foosball, gaming consoles, a television, board game collections, or fitness equipment. The room could also be designed to act as a children’s play area, or a nifty hangout spot for your teens and their friends. Recreation rooms can be intended as a family-friendly space, or can be given a more sophisticated, adult theme. This may entail a well-stocked bar paired with stylish stools as seating options, or the presence of high-end lounge furniture and a fireplace, though the possibilities are endless. Furniture and decor make up a significant portion of the recreation room planning. You will need to make choices in regard to flooring, wallpaper/paint options, furniture pieces, and other decorations. At the end of the day, a rec room will be whatever best suits you/your family’s needs, budget, and available space.

Benefits of a Rec Roombenefits of a recreation room

A recreation room can yield a multitude of benefits, including an area for stress relief and relaxation, and creating opportunities to build stronger connections within your interpersonal relationships. Designing and creating your own room can also provide you with a new hobby and a sense of accomplishment upon finishing. It’s an ideal pastime for those who enjoy embarking on creative endeavors and have a solid sense of how to design a room that is both functional and visually pleasing. Rec rooms can be designated as an area totally separate from the stresses of daily life. Their primary objective is to provide a place where you can spend quality time relaxing solo, or bonding with your family and friends. On the other hand, they can be reserved for special occasions such as parties or large gatherings, but their use is fully up to your discretion.

3 Steps to Designing your Own Rec Room

The three key points to consider when designing a recreation room are as follows: what’s its purpose, what’s your budget, and what space will you be using? Keeping these three questions in mind, planning your recreation room becomes a much more manageable task.

What is the purpose of the room?

The base concept may be a fitness studio, gaming room, or any combination of things. You may be looking for a space in which to create your own art or music, or an in-house theatre to substitute a trip to the movies. Or perhaps it’s being created as a playroom for your children to enjoy. The beauty of a rec room is the versatility, and is one of the notable advantages of building your own Ethanol Burner. It’s also important to note that the intended purpose may very well change during or after the designing process, but there’s nothing wrong with that! As long as the result is a room that provides enjoyment and relaxation, it should be considered a job well done.

What does my budget allow for?

Though it is easy to get swept up in the fantasy of one’s ideal relaxing recreation area, it’s crucial to recognize that any additions made will add up. An extensive budget is not required to design a rec room, but the planning and execution will certainly require both a time commitment and some spending. This ranges from potential renovations to furniture, new decorations and games. Rec rooms including an indoor pool or home-theatre will likely be significantly more expensive than some of the more simple designs. Though the exact final cost cannot be determined early-on, having a rough estimate of the financial investment necessary to create your rec room is important before beginning the project.

ideal relaxing recreation area

What space will I be using?

Common choices for recreation rooms include spare bedrooms, dens, basements, or garages. Consider the space necessary for any essential furniture and any benefits or downsides that come along with using that space. Creating a visual layout of the room can also help you maximize the space’s potential. One should certainly keep in mind the room’s intended use when deciding the best location, as certain options may be better than others. This consists of factors such as overall size, location in relation to other areas of the home, natural lighting options, and more. For example, basements may be preferable for something like a home-theatre, while a fitness or music studio may fit best in an unused garage. A classic rec room with a billiards table and lounge area may work best in a spare bedroom or den. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences, and what rooms are available for remodeling within your home.


Recreation rooms are without a doubt a worthwhile addition to any home. They can provide entertainment, relieve stress, and serve as a home renovation project for those who enjoy the creative processes of designing and building. Perhaps the most appealing part of a recreation room is that it cannot be defined in any one particular way. The layout of a rec room will look considerably different from one person to the next, and can be fully personalized to your own unique preferences. Plenty of inspiration can be found on websites such as Pinterest, in DIY videos on Youtube, or in lists like this one featuring the best foosball tables for sale. These resources can all help guide you in making the perfect purchases & creating the best design for your new rec room.

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