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How to Choose the Right Interior Doors for Your Commercial Property in New Jersey

Interior doors make more of a statement than we realize, especially for commercial properties. It doesn’t matter if your property is a traditional office or a brick-and-mortar store; impressions matter.

However, there are so many types of commercial properties, from restaurants to apartment complexes, that your needs and requirements will also vary. This article will serve as a guide on how to choose the right interior door for a commercial property.

Identify where the doors will be placed

This might seem like an obvious thing to consider, but it’s definitely worth more focus. You might not get metal interior doors for every room or entryway—so where will they be placed? Office doors, special rooms, bedrooms (for apartments, accommodations, and rental spaces) are some of the best interior locations to place your gorgeous new iron door.

This is also a great starting point to figure out how many doors you want, what kind of style you want, and the overall dimensions, specifications, and types of detailing you’ll require.

Will your bathrooms also have glass doors, or are they just reserved for main workspaces and publicly visible areas? Let’s move on to the next consideration with these thoughts in mind.

Think about their function in the space

Are the doors acting as showpieces? Are they basically just fancy room dividers? Do you need them for privacy? Once you’ve figured out their function, it’ll be easier to know the type of finishes and other detailing required.

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For instance, offices, meeting and conference rooms, as well as restrooms, will require frosted glass panes that offer more privacy, while interior entrance doors and room dividers can do with regular glass. Apart from that, you’ll also want to think about the frequency of use, who will be using them the most (customers, residents, staff, executives), and what the users’ needs will be too.

Sometimes interior doors simply act as partitions—so a small, transparent entry door also gets the job done.

Consider the property’s style and look

The easiest thing to invest in are iron and steel doors because they’re so versatile. They’ve come to be all the rage in recent years, with the resurgence of modern minimalism. You’ll find that they look great in all sorts of spaces, be it rustic-chic restaurants, cozy BnBs, downtown apartment buildings, or offices in skyscrapers.

Your doors should complement the overall appearance and aesthetic of the property; there are several styles and designs that will look great in almost any property. For instance, a gorgeous wine cellar door is perfect for resorts, hotels, and restaurants, while sliding doors work well in stores.

Factor in cleaning and maintenance too

This is a big one. You don’t want to get a door that requires so much upkeep and maintenance that it ends up costing you more time and money than necessary. Interior doors don’t see as much exposure to the elements as exterior doors, so they’re generally easier to care for. But that doesn’t mean you should get that expensive teak door for your property right away.

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Metal doors are some of the easiest to use because they’re so easy to clean, sturdy, and long-lasting, and since they have glass panes, a quick sweep with a quality solution is all it takes. They look modern, elegant, and very chic without being distracting, loud, or prone to damage like wood, MDF, and other materials.

Your cleaning staff is going to thank you for how gorgeous these doors are, too!

Don’t shy away from experimentation

Experimenting with your interior doors will help you stand out like no other. Instead of conventional swinging doors, consider steel sliding doors, iron French doors, or dutch doors for your property. Not only will they automatically be more interesting to use, but they’ll also act as a focal point wherever they’re placed.

Dutch doors, for example, as great for use in cafes and restaurants where orders need to be sent across, and French doors make for a great option for conference rooms. Get creative and work with a reliable contractor who can help you visualize the look and feel of each door and the uniqueness it brings to your spaces!

Commercial properties, whether they’re restaurants, offices, stores, or even apartments, require sturdy, well-designed, and functional doors. You can choose from the incredible variety at Pinky’s Iron Doors, where you’ll find premium quality wrought iron doors and steel doors that are designed for both interiors and exteriors. To look at their collection of gorgeous doors and windows in New Jersey, head to Pinky’s Iron Doors’ website today.


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