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21 Common Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Mistake 1: Too Many Throw Pillows

Having too many pillows can make the room look overloaded. Pillows make the room look cozy and extremely comfortable but if they occupy a large space then it must be very problematic. Therefore, utilize pillows as in accent decorations and do not exaggerate the numbers. A pillow was thrown you have selected such as a piece of furniture; it looks like a room lost or well proportioned. A good bedroom is comprised of small no of fancy small eye-catching colorful pillows but a very few in number. You can also add pillows of different shapes and colors to give a bloomy look.

Mistake 2: No Place to Sit

The biggest mistake one can make while decorating a bedroom is to maintain no place to sit. One should place two small couches or slim fit chairs at the corner of the room. A small hanging swing is another good option. If your room is small then you don’t use oversize furniture because it is a waste of space. If your room is big then you choose oversize furniture that is good for you. If there is only bed to sit then your entire day and night would be spent sitting on the bed especially when you use your bedroom as a TV room too. Sitting too long on the bed for viewing TV can be harmful.

Mistake 3: Matchy-Matchy Furniture

One should buy individual pieces of furniture, which you would love for your room and coordinate them. Adding different furniture adds life to the room. Matchy-matchy furniture makes the room look boring and dull. You can search for pictures of royal rooms; they avoid similar furniture to make the room look classic. You may mix and match pieces for adding variation in your spaces. Match furniture in your room is a full mistake. You select the random furniture to fill the room then you feel redolent. Since you changed your furniture, choose some different types of random things that are cooperative and classy. You have already a set of matching furniture then you decorate with different colors of pillows that look awesome.

Mistake 4: Relying On Overhead Lighting

Relying on a single source of lightning in one room can make the room feel unfinished and cold. Having lightning for various moods and functions one must have enough space. It is essential to layer the lightening by incorporating different kinds of lightning including task, accent, and ambient. Such like the space from Enuotek design, variations in lights keep the eye moving around the room at different levels.

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Mistake 5: Cluttered Surfaces

A peaceful bedroom should be breathable and comfortable. Unnecessary stuff like small tables was, too many flowers, too many paintings should be eliminated and huge furniture should not be used. Smalls cupboards, trays and catchalls can be made for storage which helps the bedroom to look more organized and calm. It is understandable that it’s very hard not to keep your special items in the bedroom but try avoiding it and become better organized. A good sense of order stability, flow, calm and movement are important for any decorated space.

Mistake 6: Small Area Rug

If your room is decorated with wooden floors than adding a rug is a wonderful idea. Rugs are very expensive so be clever to buy a small rug which covers a small area. Try buying the rug in lighter colors and in an oval shape. When you chose small rugs that show your room small when rugs too small that disperse your floor. Avoid spreading it in the middle of the room. The best shape to fit in your rug is on one side of your bed. When you chose a nice size of rugs your room looks pretty and cozy. Just go when the biggest rugs fit for your room, be sure that comfortably open the doors of your room.

Mistake 7: Choose the Paint Color First

When under the sun you can go for any paint color. Even you can have missed paint colors in accordance with your imagination. Select carpet, fabric, and wallpaper first and then go for paint. This is an easy way out to ensure that your colors match perfectly. Firstly you choose your expensive things because of the paint color is available in thousands of colors and changed easily.

Mistake 8: Hang Artwork Too High

Artwork makes the room look more glorious and magnificent. A very important rule of art hanging is to maintain it to eye level. A number of people leave much space between furniture top and art but the problem arises when one has to crane their neck towards the ceiling. But one should be very careful not to hang it very high. This situation very individual to individual it’s not compulsory all people do that, then use their own judgment. It’s not visible enough for everyone and secondly it does not give a classy look. When one needs to clean the stuff, it becomes very difficult to reach the item. It is well to the lower side slightly than high.

Mistake 9: Choose Short Curtains or Drapes

The curtains of your bedroom should be off your floor-length. Curtains should softly touch the floor but should not be long enough that they may role and pile up on the floor and look dirty when opened completely. If something less formal is needed, to make feel more relaxed, one can break the curtains slightly to the floor. One to three inches of length can be given which may hide even the floors. If the curtain is too short its means the same impression such as too short of pants. The shorter the effect the expands of the walls. Curtain just providing privacy. Curtains fill space and add pattern and color. We do not underestimate the eccentric drapery. Some people wrong they hand too low they are not wide for window. The best idea is that curtains wider than your window.

Mistake 10: Tiny Accent Pillows on a Large Chair

Pillows give a very classy look when placed on a large chair but every time when u have to sit on the chair you have to remove some of them and clutter the room. Yours have selected a small pillow for a large chair your room look lost. This makes the room looks disorganized and cluttered. It is better to have a maximum of two to three mini cushions.

Mistake 11: Create a Theme Room

Nowadays theme rooms are becoming outdated and old fashioned. A person gets stuck having spending additional money substituting objects that one no longer needs. In its place, try adding elements of that theme you like to do into a regular room.

Mistake 12: Option for Style over Comfort

All of us have those furniture items including a couch or high styled fashion chair which looks so awesome and gives an awesome feeling but is very bad when comes to comfort. While shopping for decoration, it should be kept in mind that goes for pieces that maintain both comfort and fashion. Always take a test before buying something.

Mistake 13: Push All the Furniture against the Walls

It is a very common error that everyone does. We do not realize that there are other options to consider too. When one pushes the entire furniture against the walls; the entire space seems more like a hallway and therefore people sitting in one room cannot converse and interact nicely, since they are not facing each other directly. When certain pieces of furniture to near the wall, more towards in the center of the room sofa and chair will help in space. You feel more relaxed and interact with others. Everyday use you make sure you chose the correct size of the furniture. If your sofa creates on the wall then you feel illusion and feel more space that’s why make sure when you chose the furniture is comfortable.

Mistake 14: Beds Are Too High or Low

Beds that are either very high from the ground or very low from the ground are very problematic. The person feels very uncomfortable to get up from the bed; on either side, it is difficult to get on to higher beds. Beds that are low usually tough to get out of. You should not buy a duvet cover, which is not sheet-weight fabric bed. However, these covers look very appealing but create problems while sleeping. It can also cause certain backache issues. If you have kids at home, they can also fall down from high beds. Even people of old age should avoid too high beds.

Mistake 15: Too Bright Colors

One should be extremely careful not to use extremely bright colors in a bedroom. Try using natural and calm colors for keeping the space timeless and serene. For adding a sheen texture that is not overpowering, natural grass cloth is highly suggested. Light and warm neutrals work elegantly in the bedroom. This variation in the textures aids space feel more inviting, softer and calm.

Mistake 16: No End Tables

The surface area of end tables must be equal or below the height of the sofa arms. The end table is available in different sizes, textures, colors, and shapes. They should not be of the exact color of your sofa or bed. A contrast would look fabulous. A maximum of three end tables should be placed in a bedroom. If you have a large sofa or couch make sure you don’t have use side table.

Mistake 17: Useless Furniture

A room bombarded with useless couches, sofas. Charis, rugs, tables, lights, lamps and other furniture items look loaded. The decoration is good but overloading and bombarding the room makes it look small and dirty. Use small useful items for decorations. Useful furniture or gadgets will helpful in housework if they not important for your housework then it should be removed in your room. Useless furniture items in the room look like a loaded place.

Mistake 18: Block Natural Light

Lighting is a key. It is an essential element of designing. The bedroom space should have sufficient lightening. Your space should have as much natural lighting as possible. Do not add unnecessary curtains and accessories that block natural lights. Improve natural lights by placing the mirrors directly across your source for allowing the lightning to leap around the room. There should be numerous sources for illumination of the room. It gives a refreshing psychological effect and gives you a positive emotional state, which directly enhances your positive thinking, and you feel calm. It is understandable that one cannot have too many lamps in the room. One great source of nice light is a mirror reflecting. You can have nice mirrors in your room.

Mistake 19: Defaulting To White Walls In Every Room

We have a faulty belief that if we paint the room white in color than it would look bigger and beautiful. However, the truth is that it makes the room look more flat, dull and boring. Medium to natural shed should be added. Softhis bluish undertones change the color of the wall slightly the entire day and bring more life than a simple white paint would bring.

Mistake 20: Choose the Brightest Bulbs Every Time

Brighter cannot be better every time. Bright colors end up to be stark and cold instead of cozy and warm. A bulb of 60-70 watt is enough for a room to look better and brighter. Adding more lights is not an issue. You might use bright lighting on your sofa side for reading or something else and want to switch off the outflows. When pleasurable to make more dim lighting. In the living room, use the standard size sofa and table lamps use.

Mistake 21: Decorating a Big Wall with a Single Piece of Teensy Art

When one chooses artwork, which is too small, it seems to be inelegantly floating on the wall instead of mooring space and it is very distracting. There is a simple rule or way out to hang. It should be at least 2/3rds of wall space above the furniture piece. If your spirit smaller that, unfluctuating if you cannot eloquent why your eye recognizes rather is wrong.

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