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Summer Tips – Amazing Ways to Freshen up your Home

Walking into a building every day without seeing even the slightest change in the setting can get boring to some extent. This also holds for our homes which we walk into daily. Things can get pretty much familiar, to the extent that home just feels like another building that you walk into. What can we do to make our home feel like a place we want to be in after all the gruesome workdays? Here some very amazing ways to freshen up your home this summer:

Natural accessories

If you work in a high-end office and live in a high-end apartment in which there is barely anything natural, then bringing in a touch of nature would be something worth trying out. Natural elements will help you lift the tone of the living space, and make it airy. You will also like the brightness that such accessories introduce. Here are some ways you can go about this:

– Introduce woven baskets. These can be used to store kid’s items.

– Use natural wood elements for items such as candlesticks and bowls in your dining room.

– Use items with natural prints, such as throw blankets and pillows.

Changing drapes

As we transition from the winter season, you will need to bring items that match the summer mood. Drapes are a very distinct element of your living room and should be changed to freshen up the environment. It would be a great idea to change heavy curtain drapes and replace them with lighter ones that will let in more natural light. You can also pick gauzy sheer curtain fabric since they are capable of giving you privacy while still allowing sufficient light and air circulation. If you are all about creating a natural theme in your living space, then you can try bamboo shades, which do an impressive job of blocking out the afternoon sunlight.

Spring clean your home

Sometimes all your home needs is a thorough cleaning and decluttering. The long winter season with all its festivities has been about the addition of home décor that might have ended up cluttering your living space. If you do not have enough time to clean up every nook and cranny, here is a to-do list that you can follow to realize some changes as you usher in the summer season:

– Replace the heavy blankets with lighter ones.

– Store all the festive season décor in an organized manner.

– Open the windows and clean them up thoroughly.

– Put away the pillows and blankets you won’t need in the warm weather.

– Adjust the settings on your home’s HVAC system to ensure that the hot temperatures do not catch you off-guard.

Adding green with plants

Plants have been known to freshen up not only a home’s exteriors but also its interiors. With an easy-to-maintain plant, you will be in for a more aerated living space as well as a new look all the same. It is hard for you not to notice the difference that a succulent plant or a peace lily creates in your living room. Simply head out to your local nursery and inquire about the best and easy-to-maintain plant décor that will help you realize the objective of freshening up your home.

Changing your lighting

The dull winter season is gone, and it is now time to brighten up your living space by allowing more light into your home to match the bright light out there. You can start by ditching the candles and installing the bright white bulbs that give light that mimics the natural daylight. This could also mean opening your windows more, and cleaning them thoroughly as mentioned earlier. You should also make sure that every object that is in the way of the natural light from the sun is moved, if possible. Moreover, you can try introducing a few classic mirrors into your living space, to create an illusion of there being lighter.

Repositioning the furniture

The winter season makes everyone want to feel cozy, which is why we bring the furniture close to the fireplace or away from the windows. With the warm weather, however, you might want to reposition the furniture accordingly. Any setting that will make everyone feel like they are huddled together in the hot temperatures is to be avoided. This is the best time to move the furniture to occupy the spacious living space. You can also think about the indoor activities that your family will be engaging in during summer, and then proceed to reposition your furniture in a way that will facilitate their occurrence.

Add in Summer Scents

Specific scents are associated with certain seasons. Summer is all about brightening your mood, which is why bringing in fruity or floral scents, can do an amazing job at freshening up your home. Lemon and orange scents are the best in as far as the fruity scents are concerned. If you prefer the floral scents, then lilac and rose will do the trick. You should also ensure that you have there is no dust on the items in your home. The scents suggested above work best in an environment that looks clean and they only accentuate the just-tidied feeling.

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