Heating A Room That’s Always Too Cold
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Heating A Room That’s Always Too Cold

When it comes to living space, not all rooms always are equal. Do you find yourself always spending time in the living room because it has the best light during the day or cosying up in the kitchen because it’s the warmest room of the house after dinner? 

Depending on your interior, it’s not always easy to have the same amount of light or natural heat in all rooms. Do you have a room that’s always a bit chilly compared to others? In this short post, I’ll cover some of the ways you can make this room a bit more enjoyable.

Check for draughts

The most common reason for a chilly room will be a draught coming from doors, windows, chimneys, old fans, or even cracks in walls. 

You can easily carry out some draught-proofing tasks yourself, but if your house is quite old, you may find that you’ll benefit from the help of a professional who will be able to do a thorough job.

Windows can be fitted with draught-proofing strips, while doors can benefit from a draught excluder at the bottom or a metal disc to cover the keyhole. If you find that doors or walls have any cracks, gaps or holes, take the time to fill them in with plaster, foam or even strips like those used on windows, depending on the sizes and shapes or the gaps.

Floorboards can also have gaps that cause draughts, in which case you should also be able to fill them in using materials that allow some movements ( floorboards contract, expand and move with everyday use).

Don’t forget to check old vents, hatches or fans. Do check if you can cover them or not, as some vents are required for ventilation. You may be able to use solutions to cover fans when not in use, for example.

Check your radiators

A room can naturally be colder than others, but if it is noticeably colder than other rooms even when running your central heating, then it may be worth looking at your radiators.

Start by troubleshooting your heater: are they cold to the touch even when the heating is on? Is the heat uneven? Bleeding radiators tend to solve most problems when air gets trapped in the system, so the heater doesn’t warm evenly, but you may also need to balance your system to ensure that the flow of water is evenly distributed through all radiators and pipes. If you’ve tried common solutions and you’re still having issues, call a professional.

Some people may find that they have chosen a radiator with a heat output that is not sufficient to heat the whole room, which may be why the room never feels as warm as it should be. You can avoid this by using a heating calculator when purchasing a heater.

If you don’t want to or cannot replace your current radiator, you could add an electric radiator to provide more heat without connecting it to the main system. You can find some good quality ones at https://www.traderadiators.com/electric-heating.

Cover hard surfaces 

Insulation work can be very disruptive and costly. Still, with a few decorating tips, you could make that chilly room a very cosy place. If you have tiles or wood flooring, add a large rug that will keep the floor warm. Framing windows with large, thick curtains can also help while placing artwork or tapestries on the walls will also act as insulation.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these few tips and that your home. We’ve got lots more posts like this one so you can tackle home renovations or spruce up your interior. Make sure you have a gander over on other sections of the site!


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