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How To Know When To Replace Your Hot Tub Cover: Top 5 Signs

You may not want to think about it, but eventually, a standard hot tub cover will need to be replaced. You may be thinking, “is a hot tub cover necessary?” Yes. A hot tub cover serves multiple purposes. These being

  • Trapping Heat and Lowering Heating Costs
  • Protect Your Spa From Damage or Debris
  • Prevent Bugs and Animals From Getting in the Spa
  • Prevents the Water From Evaporating

A spa cover traps the heat the spa generates, keeping it warm longer than it would with no cover. By trapping this heat, it reduces the energy needed to heat it again later. This in turn reduces your electricity bill. A spa can be expensive to run, and spending additional money to heat it every time is crazy. A hot tubs and spas cover also protects your spa from damage or debris. Without a cover, leaves, sticks, and other unwanted items can end up in your spa. A pool has a cover, so why not a hot tub? It’s essentially a very small heated pool. Just like a hot tub cover, a pool cover prevents leaves, sticks, and anything that can fall or be blown into your spa. This can be a pain because you have to clean your pool, but it can also rip the liner, clog the filter, or cause further damage. A hot tub cover prevents you from needing to clean debris out of your spa and prevents items from damaging the acrylic or resin used to make the spa. In addition, a hot tub cover prevents bugs, frogs, mice, or any other unwanted creature from entering your spa. Unfortunately, when this happens, the creatures often die. This can be a very gross sight to see and require cleaning and removal. The final benefit of a hot tub cover is to prevent water evaporation. When water is heated it turns to water vapor and evaporates into the air. While using your spa, this happens. Even when your spa isn’t heating, it’s fairly warm and causes evaporation. You then need to spend money refilling your spa. A spa cover gives the water vapor a surface to hit and collect. It eventually turns back to water and drips down into the spa, saving you water and money. So, is a hot tub cover required? No, but it has some serious benefits. 

Typically, a standard hot tub cover will survive 5 to 7 years. A hard hot tub cover is a newer feature on some hot tubs and can last much longer or even indefinitely. A hot tub cover replacement can be expensive, but a hard hot tub cover can be even more. Both types of covers will accomplish the same goals, but a hardcover will likely cost more and last you longer. There’s a trade-off here. If you’re okay spending more now to save on a hot tub cover replacement in the future, a hard hot tub cover may be the way to go. If not, a standard cover is for you. And eventually, it will need to be replaced. So we made a list of the top 5 signs it’s time to replace your cover.

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

Cover Sags In The MiddleSome people call this a “sagging cover” and others will call it “cupping”. Either way, it’s when your cover has a noticeable dip in the middle, and it’s weighing the cover down. This is usually caused by rain or snow sitting on the cover and collecting. This weighs it down, and the middle of the cover isn’t supported like the edges of the cover. When the cover is dipping, it will start to pull the corners of the cover up and release heat. This may not seem too bad, but over time, it will make a considerable increase in your electricity bill.

Material Torn Or Cracked

A torn or cracked cover has tiny holes that release heat. This again, can increase your electricity bill. Opening your spa can cause rips or tears to the vinyl or the stitching. In addition, the sun’s UV rays can slowly damage the cover. Depending on the size of the rip or tear, you may have to deal with pests and debris. A hot tub cover holder or cover lift can be a good investment to prevent damage. 

An Unpleasant Odor Comes From The Cover

An unpleasant smell coming from your cover can be another sign it’s time to replace your spa. This is usually mildew or bacteria building up in the cover. Occasionally, it can even just be the spa. The best way to tell is to remove the cover and smell the cover and hot tub separately.

The Cover Has Become Heavier

If your cover has become heavier than it used to be, the most likely cause is waterlogging. This is when the vapor barrier breaks and the cover starts to absorb water. This can reduce its ability to trap heat and cause damage.

The Fastening Locks Are Broken

Even if one of the fastening locks on a hot tub cover breaks, it reduces its ability to trap heat and can increase your electricity bill. Sometimes, you don’t have to buy a completely new cover. If you contact the manufacturer, your straps may be covered by a warranty, and if not, they can usually be replaced. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Hot Tub Cover?

A hot tub cover can range pretty significantly in price. A cheaper cover can sacrifice quality and need to be replaced shortly. Alternatively, an expensive cover doesn’t always mean better quality. A hardcover can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000 or more. A softcover can cost anywhere from $50 to $800 or more. A good or reasonable price on a softcover would be around $250. 

To summarize; is a hot tub cover needed? No, but it can save you a lot of money. A softcover will usually last 5 to 7 years and have some clear signs it needs to be replaced. When the time comes, a new cover may cost $250.


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