Ideas To Clean The Quartz Worktops

10 Simple Ideas To Clean The Quartz Worktops In Your Home

Do you know the prime concern of a person while choosing a Worktop for homes? It could have been anything from the efficiency, durability, style, class or the money involved. But the answer is – How much effort it is going to take while cleaning the installed platform.

The countertops made out of natural stones have always been the first choice of the customers looking for a lavish view of the home. But time plays demon in their tale and eradicates the beauty of these materials bought so dearly. The market today offers a wide range of materials to choose from. There is a massive variety of worktops carved out of several precious and beautiful stones and human-made metals. However, with the passage of time and negligence, while cleaning even the costliest and shiniest of Homebase, worktops lose its charm.

The introduction of engineered stone, Quartz, made the dream of having a designer and long-lasting countertops and panes for our homes possible. Quartz contains veinlike raisin, which led to the absorption of water and other purging material easy, thereby giving us an easy to clean worktops. All the impurities and stains over the quartz countertops can be extinguished by using natural quartz worktop cleaner methods. Because of this easy-going nature of the Quartz at rather an affordable rate, it is one of the most generic materials used for the furnishing of homes.

There are several ways to keep your Quartz worktops clean and shiny forever. With little efforts and the knowledge of how to clean quartz worktops, you can easily save your countertops new as an infant.

Without further ado, here are ten easy and effective ways to keep your Quartz Worktops clean and shiny:


Regular dusting and wiping of Quartz worktops don’t require any Quartz Worktop Cleaner. With this daily cleaning habits, you can reduce the chances of the deposition of bulky spots and dirt over the platform and save yourself in the long run. As the minor dirt when settled deep into the veins of the nearly smooth surface would transform into the massive stain of tomorrow.


One of the most common stainings in every house is that of staining caused by the spilling of such materials. People tend to leave spilled food or other blots over the surface for a longer time. As a result, a permanent stain mars the beauty of their worktops. To avoid such scenarios in its infancy is perhaps the best thing to do. Wipe off the spilled material immediately using water or a wet cloth to prevent further staining.


Warm water mixed with a tinge of general soaps or detergents can be used for cleaning your platforms. All the spillovers and dirt accumulated over the platform is easily cleaned by this mixture of water and soap serving as a Quartz Worktop Cleaner. It is because warm water makes the smooth flow of resilient dirt from the raisins. Moreover, you would not need any expert and sophisticated hand for this purpose. However, you have to use a mild soap or detergent as the hard one could rub off the polish of the slabs.


There are few impurities which are stubborn and crusty in nature. For removal of such contaminants using a water solution or any Quartz Worktop Cleaner won’t be enough. A plastic scraper helps you need for the removal of such impurities rooted deep in the raisins.


The food materials or other household needs generate a thin invisible yet oily film over the quartz countertops. We often fuss over how to clean quartz worktops having an invisible impurity. For the removal of such sticky messes, a solution of part vinegar and part lime solution can be used to remove the layer of oily patches and the dirt clinging over it. Generally, it is advised to use plastic scrappers over the metallic one as they would cause damage to the surface of the slab, thus making extra space for the dirt particles to creep in.


Special cleaning agents like Quartz Worktop Cleaners or stain removers can further be used for removing chewing gums, plastic burns or other patchy stains. The only thing to consider while doing so is the harshness of the solution. We should always use mild cleaners for cleaning quartz slabs as a little harshness from our part would make it lose its shine and lustre forever. The usage of soap containing acetone is highly discouraged because of the same reason as they would lead to the formation of dark white stains all over the material.


Quartz is quite prone to scratches and dents and using a coarse material for cleaning would lead to the creation of aberration over its polished surface. Am aberration is the best place for dirt and germs to accumulate. The scratches thus happened also mars the visual beauty of the worktop. Hence, following the principle of ‘prevention is better than cure’ avoid using such materials while cleaning the surface.


A diluted solution of 2% sodium peroxide can be an excellent stain remover for the permanent patches over your Quartz countertops. All it takes is a spray filled with the sodium peroxide solution, and your work is done without exerting yourself over the lengthy cleaning process. However, a little cautious approach is advised as the peroxides are known for their damaging abilities as well.


Wet a cloth with Isopropyl rubbing alcohol and clean all the persistent stains over the tough stains. The alcohol is a great attractor of specks of dirt and accumulating particle, and it wipes them off along with itself. With this simple step followed by a gentle wiping by normal water, your countertop would regain its shine, and the stain would vanish along with your worries.


External heat supports the setting down of dirt and other impurities deep inside the raisins. Hence, to stop the issue from taking a large form use mats or trivets while using hot ovens or any other heated bulky substance. Even a brewing of tea could leave an unsightly scar over the surface, so prefer using the tea-coasters or additional heat-insulating objects.

Armed with these cleaning methods and best-use practices, it’s almost a certainty that that incredibly durable quartz stone countertop in your kitchen will last you for a long time. In fact, it would be safe to claim that your kitchen surface might outlive the kitchen itself, all the while managing to keep its lustre and aesthetic value.

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