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6 Tips to Make Your Kid’s First Haircut Less Traumatic

Getting your child to sit still for a picture can be challenging, leave alone a barbershop. Something about
sitting still does not resound well with kids. They like to change their activity and surroundings as quickly
as possible. When it is about that time for your child to get their first haircut, how you go about it will
shape their perspective of haircuts moving forward. You have to account for so many things when in a
barber’s shop. Some of those things include novel environments, strangers, noises from hair clippers,
not to mention, the discomfort of a clipper running through their head barber shop San Diego.

To ensure that your child does not haircuts, you must keep your foot down while elevating the comfort
levels through the process. Here are a couple of tips to help make the experience less traumatic:

1. Give them some form of control

The more control a child feels they have over a situation, the less anxious they are about it. If you make
the haircut all about your interest, your child might resist and act out through the haircut. Instead, let
your child pick out their favorite haircut. You can also let them pick a day and time to get their hair
done. To ensure they go with haircuts that sit well with you, pick out up to five haircuts and let them
decide on the style they would rather.

2. Choose a professional barber

Not every barber is well equipped to handle children. Even though a barber knows how to work the best
safety razor blades and achieve the trendiest hairstyle, it does not mean they are fit for kids. Go to a
professional barber that has experience handling kids. Such a barber has the patience and attitude to
deal with children throughout haircuts. Besides, chances are that their barbershop will be kid-friendly,
which will help keep your child at ease.

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3. Be around for the haircut

A barber’s shop is a new surrounding for your child, the people there are strangers, and that alone is
enough to trigger anxiety. Instead, take your child to the barber’s shop and be there throughout the
experience. Having a familiar face around them helps calm their nerves.

4. Bring toys

Children love toys. There is never a better time to bring toys that when a child is trying something out
for the first time. Since they associate toys with happy times, comfort and beautiful memories, they can
hold on to them as they get their haircut. While at it, do not hesitate to bring other comfort items along
with you. They can be a pacifier, a soft blanket, or a stuffed animal.

5. Don’t let them see the hair they are losing

A haircut, for kids, always feels like a loss. The thought of losing hair sounds to them a lot like losing an
arm or leg. For this reason, keep the cut ponytail away from their sight, lest you freak him/her out. It
helps to keep them distracted with other things, including toys, music, or conversations.

6. Avoid the cape

The cape is used to prevent hairs from dirtying clothes. However, the whole cape thing can freak your
child out. This is because it makes them feel unfamiliar with themselves. Therefore, you can ask the
barber to forgo the cape. Instead, bring a change of clothes for after shaving. You can also engage your
child in picking out the perfect outfit for later. This way, they might be excited to get through the haircut
and change into their favorite clothes.

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As important as it is to keep your child calm through a haircut, you must also be calm. Any tension on
your part can get the child even more anxious. Be the adult and guide your child through the haircut

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