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Feature to Consider When Buying a Toilet System

A toilet unit is a significant investment for any home or office. Besides, a toilet is one of the home elements that get the most use, so you’ll need something that can withstand the frequent beating for several years to come. More importantly, you need a toilet that is highly functional, comfortable and fits your unique bathroom design. Thankfully, modern toilet designs come with more powerful and water-saving flushing technologies to make toiletry a breeze. To make the most of your investment, here are some critical features to look for in a new toilet unit:

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet

Traditional indoor toilets were all designed with ’round front’ bowls. As more research was done, toilets with elongated bowls were added to the mix. Initially, there was a significant cost difference between the two bowl designs, but that isn’t the case anymore. Today, choices are largely decided by space availability and personal preference. So, which should you buy between an elongated and round toilet

Elongated bowls are often considered more attractive and comfortable than their round front bowl counterparts. However, this is a matter of taste and preference, and it can be affected by an individual’s weight and height. Additionally, elongated bowls seem more ‘hygienic’ since the larger surface area of the bowl enables men and children to use these toilets with less mess. A longer bowl size is also an ADA requirement, and the longer/wider bowl is much easier to use for people with mobility issues. 

The primary reason some people don’t choose an elongated bowl is space constraints. If you have a very small bathroom, an elongated bowl might not just fit or might appear too crowded. The larger opening size of elongated bowls also means that children find it more difficult to negotiate. 

Round bowl toilets, on the other hand, are a great choice for space-saving! So, if you have a tiny bathroom, only a round-front bowl will fit appropriately. The round front is also an excellent fit for small children. On the flip side, the smaller surface area of a round front bowl makes it more difficult for children and males to use without an accidental mess.  

1-Piece Vs. 2-Piece Toilet

Two-piece toilets are the most common designs you’ll see in stores. They come in two separate pieces: the tank and the seat. These toilets are typically the least expensive option, and you can package and carry the pieces separately, making them practically easier to transport and install! The only downside to this design is that there is a seam between two parts, which can easily accumulate dirt. 

A one-piece toilet is a modern and sleek design that is generally a bit more expensive and heavier to transport. However, it’s also easier to install and clean. Some one-piece toilets often come with low-profile tanks, while others appear very close to two-piece models with higher tanks. 

Generally, one-piece toilets are currently the most recommended type of toilet. So, if your budget allows, it’s something you should go for. Besides, one-piece toilets suit modern and contemporary styles.

Types of Flushing

Another critical choice you can make is whether you prefer the regular flushing mechanism or something more sophisticated. Pressure-assisted flushing systems are typically set in the wall, meaning that you must open up the wall to see if your toilet configuration is designed for that. These toilets are designed to give the water a little extra pressure to move faster in the bowl and make it clean after every flush.

Seat Height

A typical toilet has a height of 17 inches, and that’s what you’ll get in most homes, public bathrooms, and apartments. If you want, you can choose a 19-inch seat, otherwise known as “comfort height.” Generally, comfort height toilets are perfect for people who find it difficult sitting and standing from a standard height, such as the elderly, disabled, and people with mobility challenges. You also need to consider the current and future users of your toilet when making this decision.

Toilet Tank Height

High-tank toilets function the same way as two-piece toilets, but the difference is that the tank is situated much higher on the wall, exposing the plumbing between the seat and the tank. Generally, high-tank toilets are retro and quaint. They have a certain old-world charm, and the color of the plumbing provides an extra decor element. Furthermore, the chain pull is a retro element that most people find cool.

Overall, high height toilets are a little more expensive than one-piece and two-piece toilets because of their design appeal. Besides, they’re not as widely available on the market, making them a little pricier. 

In-Wall Toilets

If you want to give your bathroom a sleek, minimalistic profile, then an in-wall toilet design is your ideal choice. Whether the toilet is tankless or the tank is actually in the wall, the big bulky component is hidden inside the wall, enabling you to save some space.

These toilet designs are usually more expensive and require prior knowledge of your plumbing system inside the wall. You’ll need to take down your wall or at least be sure that the existing plumbing is appropriate for this type of toilet.


Finally, you need to consider the color of the toilet unit. A white toilet is typical, and it’s what you’ll find in most stores. A white toilet also has the best resale value when you eventually decide to sell your home. However, colored toilets may have a significant impact on your bathroom design if you use them correctly. 

So, which feature did you find intriguing? Feel free to share with us your likes and preferences when shopping for a toilet unit. 


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