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Are you thinking of redecorating your house? If you are, then there is a chance that you are confused about the task. The thing is that there are almost 20 different design styles. And while some exquisite Interior Designs, like English Countryside Chic, are self-explanatory, others are not as straightforward. Furthermore, some designs borrow elements from other design styles.

To design your space in the best possible way, you must know your style. And to do so, you must be aware of different decorating ideas. Then you can mix and match elements with complementary design ideas.

That is where we come in. We will enumerate six exquisite interior designs to make your house visually appealing.

  1. Minimalism: Channel Marie Kondo for a minimal look for your space. The minimalist design philosophy is “less is more.” Therefore this design style requires an open plan with bright rooms. Many people think that minimalism is a limiting design style, which is not the case. You can play around with shades of black and white. And if you want more choice, you can also add some muted neutrals. Avoid pieces with too many prints and try to incorporate functional furnishings. Focus on clean, straight lines with a simple finish. The main problem with this design is that you will need to free up space. Sell or donate the things that you do not need. However, you might be left with some pieces, like family heirlooms, that are too valuable to throw away. You can put them in storage units but make sure that the storage unit you rent has the proper facilities to keep them safe from damage. Fortunately, those living in Texas do not have to worry about searching out storage units. They can opt for storage units in KellerTX, which cater to all their storage needs professionally. Such facilities are built to withstand intense humidity so that your furniture remains undamaged.
  2. Maximalism: At the opposite end of the spectrum is the extravagant style. This style is all about going big with decorations. Choose the wildest wallpaper and use bold patterns and loud colors for a maximalist look. But do not go all in from the start. Build up your color palette by beginning with a base color and adding complementary colors to the scheme. Black and Navy blue are popular color choices for this design. Play around with textures and patterns by introducing different fabrics for your throw pillows and wall hangings. Another vital ingredient is chunky furniture, so you can get big centerpieces to tie your theme. But make sure that all the pieces you chose are comfortable since maximalism is all about comfort with glamour.
  3. Bohemian: A favorite of many, the bohemian style incorporates lush greens with textured decorations. Anything goes with bohemian style, but the main elements are vintage furniture with a display of souvenirs from your world tours. Most bohemian-styled rooms channel Middle Eastern vibes with floor cushions and throws. You can also add woven baskets to your walls to give an ethnic vibe. Tapestries and animal hide as wall hangings can add culture to your room. Since this style is about natural decorations, add hanging and potted plants to add warmth and color to a room. To finish the look, add metallic and mirror surfaces. Not only will this set off your furniture, but it will also make the room appear bigger and brighter.
  4. English Countryside Chic: Like the bohemian design, this theme is about creating harmony amongst the clutter out of different patterns and pieces. The English countryside design asks you to be adventurous in your upholstery choices. Red Louis XV chairs with striped sofas are just one of the many upholstery choices you can make. Showcase antique pieces and add tufting for glamour and elegance. Since the look is all about creating cozy vibes, a reading chair is an absolute necessity for your English Countryside Chic living room. Make full use of your fireplace by using it as the centerpiece of your living room. Use your book collection to make your house feel comfortable and lived-in. You can also introduce potted indoor plants to make the room colorful and bright. Just do not go overboard with the idea.
  5. Coastal decor: Why leave the beach vibe in your beach house? The coastal decorative style is perfect for beach lovers who cannot bear to be away from the coast for too long. Get the most of natural light to get the light and airy look of the ocean. Use beige and whites as your base colors. Then add vibrant blues and greens to complement your base colors. You can incorporate these colors by adding a rug or oceanic wall art. Add texture to your room with unfinished wood for your furniture. Finish the look with indoor plants and seashells in fillable glass jars.
  6. Industrial: Industrial style decorating is neglected for being too masculine, but it can work for all rooms. This style works well with open floor plans and high ceilinged rooms, so it might not be the best option for you if you have limited space. The biggest challenge is to make the area look human scale. Chunky light fixtures and longer curtains work well in industrial decorations. And over spaced furniture can make the room look warm and use up extra space. Since space is not an issue for industrial design buildings, you can also display oversized artwork to add personality to the room. Last, add color to the theme for a cheery atmosphere.


While there are many ways you can decorate your house, it is best if you choose the style that reflects your personality. So, you must look at all your pieces carefully before adding them to your house. But do not limit yourself to these designs. Decorators often pick and choose exquisite interior designs elements from different looks to get an overall aesthetic that suits a particular space. Above all, get what you love, and you will never go wrong.


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