The Luxury of Murano Glass Centerpieces

There are a lot of articles on home décor, and you can always follow every step of how to make your house more eccentric, but if one specific part of the house remains plain then immediately you can feel that something is out of place, and that part is the table.

There are a lot of decorations for your tables, but to make it elegant and chic the right decoration for any table is a centerpiece. As the name suggests, centerpieces are the accent pieces that appear at the middle of any table, whether it’s at someone’s house, in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, parties, and even commercial events.

It’s unquestionable, Table Centerpieces are important! It helps set the theme of the decoration and bring an air of festive elegance to your event’s ambiance. Centerpieces usually come in three decorative forms: plates, bowls, and even eggs.

A gorgeous centerpiece on a table will augment the attraction of the table tremendously, making it look more glamorous and evergreen. Whether you choose an elaborate or a simple centerpiece, this accent piece is sure to brighten up the room around it. Without a centerpiece decoration a table might look plain and boring, but with simple flower centerpieces, the same table will have a look of elegance and refined aesthetics.

As we said, the centerpieces can be either plates, bowls, eggs, and much more, thus they don’t just serve as decorative objects, but as functional pieces on the table. Whether you want to put flowers, candles, fruit, or candy in the bowl or serve in such a plate. However, to represent a true luxury decoration, besides the fact that they can be made out of many materials, the material that caught the eye of today’s luxury decorators is the Murano Glass.

Yes, Murano Glass centerpieces are one of the best decorative pieces that someone can have on their table or in their house nowadays. You might ask yourself what is Murano Glass? So let us introduce you quickly to this new concept that will change your life… Murano Glass is a glass made specifically in Italy, on the island of Murano to be more precise, thus the name, and it cannot be produced in any other country nor city around the world. It’s a real Italian heritage item, whose production process is being handed from father to son, rising in popularity from generation to generation, and that says a lot since it has been made year after year for centuries.

Now, let us tell you why you should consider getting yourself a Murano Glass centerpiece for your home, let us explain why it is so special. Starting with the creation, as we mentioned it’s so narrowed that only masters from the island of Murano can hand-make it, thus it cannot be mass-produced by some machine. Being hand-crafted, each piece is a unique, one of a kind masterpiece, it’s hard to find two Murano glass pieces identical, thus you will have something that no one else has it. The last but definitely not least thing is the colors, they are gotten by mixing minerals in the mix of the glass, each mineral giving a different color, and in many centerpieces you can find sparkles of gold or silver that enhance its luxury.

As of the different centerpieces, they all can be used for different things aside from decoration. Starting with the Murano glass bowl, a bowl filled with fruit in the middle of the table always boosts the aesthetic of the living room and of the house itself, now image that bowl being a one of a kind Murano Glass craft. Even without anything, sitting in the middle of the table, this mineral induced bowl gives an eccentric spark to your habitat. Aside from fruit, you can decorate it with flowers, candy, and anything else that will match your style. Regardless of the place where it is displayed, it will always distinguish itself thanks to its modern design achieved through the hardworking process of glass blowing.

Using decorative Murano glass centerpieces has no limit, so you can place your new Murano glass plate even in the hall. This plate represents a mastery and it can be placed anywhere, whether in the kitchen on the table, giving a bright and chic atmosphere, or on a stand, showing your luxurious decorative taste. The plates come in many styles, from modern, classic-style, multicolored, monochromatic, opaque, satin-finished, translucent, transparent, minimalist, essential, sophisticated, elegant and much more.

The next one is the by far most unique piece of decoration, the Murano glass egg, especially if you have a hard to satisfy decorative taste. These eggs represent a total masterpiece that can be created with many Murano glass techniques, all giving a different edge to the design and colors. Some eggs are even functional storage for jewelry, making them one of the most glamorous Italian-made products.

Now that you know how big and elegant the Murano glass world is, you shouldn’t stop just at centerpieces… There are many more products that are created from Murano glass that you can find in shops on the streets of Venice, or in a genuine online store, such as YourMurano.com


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