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Top Living Room Lighting Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

When installing lighting in your living room, you have to consider several things. Besides, high-quality lighting is not enough to create a well-lit space in your home. You should also consider the type of light to buy and where you will place them. Upgrade your living room lighting by following these tips today!

Ambient lighting

This kind of lighting is a general diffused background illuminating device. It fills the entire space and raises the light within the room. While it covers the room with enough light to see the surroundings, this kind of lighting is not applicable for activities like reading. Ambient lighting is typically provided by living room lighting fixtures. 

Ambient lighting is useful, especially at night, or when the environment is darker. And if you want gentler light, you can switch ambient lights off and keep a task light or accent light on instead.

Task lighting

If ambient lighting can illuminate an entire room but not enough for a specific activity, consider installing a task lighting in your living room. This type of lighting provides a bright light that will allow you to emphasize a more accurate spot where you perform tasks such as over a table, beside a chair, and so much more.

To conserve energy, switch off your ambient lights or main living room lightings and use task lighting. If you are reading a book or writing a note, this kind of lighting can help to make things more visible for you. Another use of this illuminating device is to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. You can put it exactly where you need it and use it only when necessary.

Accent lighting

If you want to add modern lighting in your living room, you better consider accent lighting. For starters, accent lights serve more like a decoration. It provides subtle touches in your overall living room lighting, and it highlights particular features or areas in the room. 

Accent lights are highly decorative pieces. They can create a focal point in your living room in an effortless way and emphasize a specific area whenever it is on. Place them near the walls to reflect their lights onto the surfaces, and they will soften the look of concrete surfaces and break up wide ranges of monotonous color. You can have a wide selection of good accent lights today that can suit the design of your living room.

Since the living room is where you usually accept guests, giving it an upgrade is not a bad idea. Besides, the use of a different type of lighting devices can make a significant impact in your living room’s appearance and feel, without changing the existing design of the room. And if your living room is too dark, it is the right time to consider installing a more appropriate type and the number of lighting devices in your space. Use ambient, task, and accent lightings to update the aesthetic of your favorite space.


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