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What You Need to Know About Moving Office Furniture

It is very common for a business to move offices at least once or twice, especially when the business starts to grow or the management plans something bigger for the company. But unlike moving home furniture, there are many other things to consider when moving furniture from an office, thus requiring more planning and extra care. Moving office furniture could be extremely challenging which is why you need a commercial cleanouts Las Vegas company to do it for you.

But what are those considerations and what should you do to simplify the task without causing damages to you and your company?

For one, try not to do the work on your own. This is the most common mistake of business owners because they think moving offices is a simple task of putting everything in a transport vehicle and that gets the work done. You may check perths leading removalists for ideas about moving out.

The right thing to do is hire professional movers to do the job for you. Not only does this lessen your work. It also ensures that you won’t encounter problems when you are already settled in your new office.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Movers

1. They have proper training.

One thing professional movers that you likely do not do is proper training in moving furniture. They know how to properly lift heavy objects from your old office to the vehicle and from the vehicle to your new office. And they can do this without causing strain on their muscle or experiencing back injury.

2. They have the right equipment.

Professional moving companies invest in the right equipment to help their clients move without a hitch. As for business owners, it wouldn’t be surprising if they don’t have the right tools because moving is not really something they plan around when starting a company  NYC office movers.

Professional movers also have the technical know-how to operate machines for heavy furniture, so they are able to prevent injury on themselves and others as well as prevent damages on doors and the floors of your office.

3. It eliminates the risk of an injury.

As mentioned, getting the services of professional movers eliminates the risk of an injury not only to you but your employees as well. If you are thinking about moving office spaces without the assistance of movers, chances are you are also thinking about asking for help from your employees.

While there’s nothing wrong with this if they agree to it, it increases the risk on them and the liability for you. Hiring professional movers completely takes care of this problem and ensures your business operations will not be disrupted.

4. It helps protect your investment.

Office furniture and machinery are considered huge investments for a company. They are essential in your day-to-day operations and in making sure your employees have a pleasant working environment. This is why it’s important to ensure that they are not damaged and remain fully functional when you move to your new office.

5. It allows you to focus on the more important tasks.

Part of the services provided by professional movers is to plan the move and help with the reconfiguration of office cubicles and furniture systems. If you discuss these things with them, you can move on to the more important tasks such as advising your employees of the move and ensuring that all your deliverables are on schedule before and after the big day.

Preparing for Moving Day

To make sure that you will have a swift movement on the day you plan your move to new office space, here are some things you need to do to prepare.

1. Ask your employees to empty desks and drawers.

Several days before your scheduled moving day, notify your employees of the plans and ask them to empty their desks and drawers. Provide each member of your staff with a box where they can put their personal belongings and label the boxes accordingly.

2. Ensure that all file cabinets are locked.

For upright file cabinets, you can keep the contents inside but make sure that all drawers are locked and that the keys are within the management. Make it a point to unbolt file cabinets that may be bolted together so they can be transported easily, although you can ask the movers to help you with this on the day. Just don’t forget to have the keys with you and lock the cabinets before loading into the vehicle.

3. Remove and pack contents from supply cabinets and bookcases.

Check the supply cabinets and pack all contents into boxes. Lock the cabinet doors if you have to or at least tape or tie them to keep secure. The same goes for the bookcases and make sure they are standing on their ends to prevent getting squished.

4. Finish your packing before moving day.

Make sure all packing is complete a day before moving day and if you have to move on a workday, ask your employees to stay out of the office and only allow personnel involved with the move to be present.


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