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How to envision your home like an interior designer

Do you spend your time looking through Pinterest boards or interior design websites, wishing your home could look like it was styled by a professional? When you learn to envision your home like an interior designer, you too can pull off the professional look. And how do you envision your home like a designer? You can start with these 11 simple tips.

Identify Your Style

Starting to design your home without knowing what your style is like trying to buy a whole new wardrobe without knowing your size. If you’re unsure what you like or don’t like, you’ll have no idea what “fits” you and what doesn’t. Designers are experts at parsing out their clients’ particular tastes and applying those to their interiors. If you want to think like an interior designer, you should learn to pay attention to design inspirations around you.

Plan Around Your Space

Planning around your space sounds obvious but many people fail to adequately use their space. They’ll buy furniture that’s too big, or leave entire corners or sections of rooms under-utilised. To plan your design like a professional, you have to be meticulous about how your space will function. You should pick pieces that are the right size and section off rooms to create “pockets” that will increase both functionality and style.

Use Samples Before Committing

Redesigning your home is a big undertaking. You wouldn’t purchase a new car before trying it out, so why would you do the same with your paint colour or your sofa? Your home should be an oasis, as well as a complete embodiment of your personal style. To think like a designer, you should sample paint colours and furniture textiles before committing to purchasing them.

Know When to Splurge

A professional-quality interior doesn’t always include the highest prices. Seasoned designers are aware of when to invest more in some pieces and when not to. You should learn to be just as judicious if you want to visualise your space like an interior designer. Mix and match low and high price points, opting ultimately for comfort and style above all else.

Incorporate Balance

One thing professionally designed rooms all have in common? They’re balanced. From the colour palette to the furniture arrangement, everything is proportional. Thinking like a designer means aiming to achieve that level of harmony in your own space. There’s a difference between one single element engulfing the room and standing out as a statement piece. Try to complement a bold piece with other accents, otherwise, it will stick out and draw too much attention.

Play with Textures

Interior designers aren’t afraid to rely on texture to set the tone for a room. Many people focus too much on colour, without incorporating silk pillows, a velvet armchair, woven baskets, a leather sofa, or other distinctive textiles. Rooms can feel boring and uninviting without texture, so include some in your space to express your personality.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Statement

Another hallmark of professional interior designers is bold style choices. We’re often tempted to play it safe and stick to a more conservative design scheme because we’re afraid we’ll end up hating a distinctive piece years later. The flip side of that fear is that you could end up loving that tangerine area rug you spotted and just had to have, and it brings a smile to your face every time you walk into the room. Statement pieces can have a big pay off if you know how to use them wisely.

Look Up

Most of us don’t tend to look at the ceiling in our own homes or in other homes. But the space above your head is rife with design potential – and interior designers know it. Using faux paint, lacquer, or wallpaper on the ceiling can create a dramatic effect, transforming your space completely.

Optimise Natural Lighting

Another trick designers always use is looking to maximise natural light. Sunlight streaming in through the windows is always more aesthetically pleasing than artificial lighting. Play up natural light by funnelling a sitting area toward a big window, hanging neutral curtains, or painting the walls a bright colour.

Show Off Personality

The best interior designers aim to bring their clients’ personal sense of style forward in their design. Let your personality shine when envisioning your space. Unique knick-knacks, trinkets, antiques, or artwork on display will enhance any design because they incorporate your experiences and preferences.

Final Thoughts on Envisioning Your Space Like an Interior Designer

Thinking like an interior designer isn’t so difficult when you start paying more attention to your space and your style preferences. As interior designers encourage our clients throughout North London to visualise their ideal space. Helping people find their style preferences and transform their interiors is all it takes to “think like a designer.”

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