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The Pros and Cons of Equine Sheds

Horse’s need access to shelter to protect them from the elements and to maintain optimum health. Keeping horses out of the elements such as rain, heat and wind is not only beneficial for their health, but also for your ability to ride, train and enjoy your horse.

If you’re considering constructing an equine shed on your property, the first decision you’ll want to make is whether to choose loose housing or run-in shed types, or stables. Both options have their pros and cons, and the choice will probably come down to personal preference.

Cost is also a significant factor to take into account. Stables tend to be more expensive than run-in sheds for the same stabling capacity. However, you do get more for your money with stables, and these extras may make up for the extra expense.

Loose Housing or Run-In Sheds

Run-in sheds are a popular choice for horse shelters. They are a three-sided structure that is well placed to protect horses from the wind and rain. They allow the horses to seek shelter when they need it, and depending on the size, can house multiple horses.


  • The horses have the freedom to choose when they use the shelter
  • There is less work in regards to cleaning
  • The ventilation is much better which is healthier for the horses
  • Run-in sheds cost less to construct
  • They have a lower fire risk
  • Lower maintenance costs


  • Horses cannot be contained if needed due to sickness or injury
  • Inability to monitor food intake
  • The horse might not use the shelter when necessary
  • Less convenience for the owners
  • Dominant horses may prevent other horses from using the shelter
  • There may still be wind exposure


Stables can provide a completely isolated environment from the elements. These types of equine sheds are useful as they allow the doors to be closed when the weather is bad. Horses may not always choose to seek shelter when necessary, and these equine sheds provide complete control for the owner and protection for the horses.


  • Very convenient for owners
  • Completely shelters horses from the elements
  • Horses can rest easily
  • Dominant horses cannot threaten other horses
  • Horses can stay cleaner
  • Food intake can easily be monitored


  • Stalls need daily cleaning
  • Higher fire risk
  • Higher construction costs
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Less ventilation compared to loose housing
  • Horses need daily exercise
  • Horses can become bored in stalls

Whichever option you choose, both can be fully customised to suit individual requirements. The layout, style and colours are all details that can be altered to suit the customer’s needs. Loose housing and run-in sheds can offer the capacity to expand and add on accessories over time, while stables provide excellent shelter from the elements.

A combination of the two options may provide a good solution to allow the horse freedom to choose when to shelter the majority of the time, and bringing them in during severe weather or when in need of rest. For more information about equine sheds contact the friendly staff at Spinifex Sheds.

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