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Going to Study Abroad? Don’t Forget to Take These Things With You

Going abroad for higher studies is a dream for most students. Most of you have been working hard to get admitted to your dream university since you were in high school.

After you get admitted to your desired university, here comes the difficult part. You need to be both mentally and physically prepared to live in a completely different country for a certain time.

However, the most challenging part you have to face before you board the plane is packing all your things in the suitcase. You might get confused between what’s essential and what’s not.

Don’t worry. We are going to help you to sort out what essential things you need to pack for your new home abroad.

Essential Packing List for Study Abroad

Trying to stuff all your things in just two suitcases can be tough, especially when you’re moving to an unknown country. However, the following list will help you to decide what are the necessary things apart from your passports and tickets you must pack for your journey.

Study Materials

When you’re going to a foreign university to fulfill your higher education dream, you may carry all the materials essential for study from your home country. Things might be a bit expensive at your campus stationery store, so it’s better to take them with you.

The materials you need may vary based on the subject you’re going to study. For example, if you have been admitted into a math or engineering program, you need to buy a good graphical calculator.

While there are so many graphical calculators available in the market, one of the most popular is the HP Prime. However, any other calculators that are good comparing the HP Prime will do the work.

Some other essentials that you must take with you are notebooks, pens, markers, books, laptop (if possible), etc.

Clothes & Shoes

Clothes and shoes are one of the most expensive things to purchase, especially if you’re going to any North American country. While you might not get everything in your country that might be suitable for a foreign country, there are some basic clothing materials you can take with you.

Do not forget to take some comfortable, yet stylish clothes for regular wear on the campus. Take at least two pairs of comfortable shoes, trousers, and a nice dress for any formal occasion.


The last thing you want after getting off the plane in a foreign country is to get sick. That’s why you need to take some precautions that will help you avoid sickness while you’re there.

Pack a first aid kit containing some medicines for cold, fever, loose motion, allergies, etc., painkillers, an antibacterial ointment, band-aid, and some alcohol-based wipes.

If you’re a girl, do not forget to take enough sanitary pads and tampons to avoid any awkwardness during menstruation.

Electronic Devices

Here comes another challenging part. While you’re packing your mobile phones, laptops, chargers, etc., get ready to burn them all if you don’t know what types of ports you will have in that country.

If you’re from an Asian country going to study in a North American or European country, there’s a high possibility the charging ports will be entirely different. That’s why you need to bring some universal chargers and adapters to avoid such hassle.

Make sure the mobile phone you’re carrying is unlocked. Also, carry a fully-charged power bank so that you can charge your essential devices and gadgets when necessary.


This is one of the most essential things students forget to bring with them. You can’t expect to have your bank account open or get a credit card right after you reach your campus. Then how are you going to survive without money?

It’s highly recommended that you bring enough cash with you so that you can buy the necessary things with them. If you’re carrying your local money with you, it’s better to convert them into the currency of the country you’re visiting before you get out of the airport.


The toiletries and cosmetics you will find in a foreign country may not suit your skin for the first time. Besides, it will take some time for you to get knowledge about the right brands.

Take a small bag and carry all the necessary toiletries in a travel size bottle. The things you will need are sunscreen, moisturizers, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo, conditioners, dental floss, etc.

Things You Need to Consider While Packing

While you’re done sorting the necessary things to put in your suitcase, there are some other things that you need to consider. Keep in mind the following factors while shopping for your next destination.


Weather is a crucial part to consider while you’re buying clothes for your new destination. While you are living in a country with four distinct seasons, things might get complicated when you arrive somewhere with extreme weather.

For example, if you’re going to study in a country that is covered by ice half of the year, you need to carry enough warm clothes with you.

Also, the shoes you used in your country may not support you well in extreme weather. Do some research about the weather before buying shoes for that country.


One of the best parts of studying abroad is experiencing new cultures. However, that’s also a factor you need to consider while packing.

If you want to blend in and feel comfortable, you must wear something that goes with their culture. Also, some of your outfits may not be well suited to the religious views of the country you’re moving to. Keeping those things in mind will help you to avoid any problems.

Length of Your Time Abroad

For how long you’re going to stay abroad for studying? If it’s only the summer, then you don’t have to worry much about the packing.

But, if you’re moving for three to four years, you need to prepare yourself for the changes you will face there. Although you will get used to after a while, you should pack accordingly to avoid any adverse situation there.


Packing is usually the last thing you will do before the departure. That’s why you won’t have much time left if you miss anything important.

It’s essential to check for all the necessary things at least one or two weeks before so that you have the time to purchase them. Make sure you have all the necessary things with you before you leave for the most exciting trip of your life.

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