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Must-Know Things About Outdoor Fountains

A fountain in your outdoors immediately turns it from humdrum to inviting and relaxing. Choice of a fountain to match your landscape involves matching preferences and practicality. Taking a plunge to invest in a fountain is worthwhile but requires doing your homework. This article seeks to highlight things you must know before owning an outdoor fountain.

Power outlet

Power outlet

Fountains need the power to work. The options include solar or hardwiring. Ensure to invest in a convenient power option. Hardwired fountains draw electric power from an outlet to work. Keep in mind that it takes a licensed electrician to install all wiring related to this kind of fountain. Working with electricity is a very risky job that doesn’t need DIY. Solar-powered fountains need no hardwiring to the power supply. These fountains draw power from solar panels for their pump to function normally.

Water source

Outdoor fountains have a connection to a home’s water supply for a continuous supply. This ensures that the pond doesn’t dry up. Smaller fountains get water using a hose without permanent connection. Keep in mind that fountains filled with a hose require a pump to re-circulate water in the fountain continuously. You have to check the fountain periodically to ensure sufficient water level.

Fountain maintenance

All kinds of water fountains need periodic cleaning. Neglecting to do this might result in the formation of a scummy algae layer making your water feature lose its original appeal. One of the best ways to ensure appropriate pond maintenance is selecting from a range of quality fountains pumps. The pump allows circulation of water in a pond, limits water stagnation, and encourages water oxygenation. Investing in a quality pump is one of the best fountain maintenance hacks.

Additionally, outdoor fountains are decorative and use a pump for water re-circulation. This ensures that the fountain continuously uses the water until it is drained during fountain cleaning. Alternatively, this water might just evaporate. In this case, the fountain needs refilling. This encourages efficiency and limits hefty water bills.

Choose a complementing finish

Fountains come in various finishes. Your choice of fountain finish has a significant impact on the look and care. Stone and concrete fountains don’t need much care and attention compared to other options. A stone finish looks more natural and nicely blends with the surrounding. Copper and bronze finish fountains offer a nice contrast to the natural setting outdoors. However, these need a bit more care compared to fountains with other finishes. Putting the surrounding into consideration is the key to choosing the ultimate fountain finish.

Opt for LED lighting

To make the most of your fountain requires getting utmost enjoyment. One of these moments is spending some time out in the yard. A fountain with LED lighting is the ultimate centerpiece. Fountain lighting is not regular white light you usually see. A reputable supplier will have a range of fountain lights in various colors for the ultimate fun experience in your outdoors.

Complement your décor

You have already noticed how fountains come in various finishes and the range of LED lighting. Ensure to mind about the current décor in your space when selecting a finish and lighting. The ultimate goal of investing in a fountain is to dress up your outdoor area. Consider planting some flowers or cover the ground surrounding the fountain. This is a wonderful idea to enhance the beauty of this water feature.

Mind location

Where you install your fountain should top the list of your things to consider. Choose enough space where the fountain won’t drown out anything. Additionally, the location of the fountain should offer unlimited access. The ideal location for a small fountain is free of growth or other obstructions. Fountains that require a power source and regular water supply are located near power outlets and water lines.

Understand winter care

Living in a location that experience freezing winter temperatures require understanding appropriate fountain winter care. This is necessary to save your fountain from cracking resulting from frozen water. Before a deep freeze, drain your fountain. Turn it off the water supply. Ensure to install a shutoff valve to turn off the water supply to limit the impact from frozen pipes. Perhaps you can just cover your fountain during summer. Avoid snow and ice weight from putting pressure on the decorative features of your fountain when covering it for the winter.

Mind special considerations

Outdoor fountains requiring hardwiring or connection to a water supply might need getting an appropriate permit. Therefore, ensure to find out the local building code in your area before installing the fountain. Additionally, be aware of local water regulations regarding water use by our fountain. The solution avoids all these hassles is employing a professional to install your fountain.

Wrapping up

Investing in a fountain significantly enhances any outdoor space. However, it pays to understand the various considerations including inve3sting in a quality pump before taking the plunge.


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