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How To Create The Perfect Rustic Farmhouse Sunroom

Not all homes have a sunroom, but lucky you if yours does. Sunrooms are a unique place to relax, take in nature, and enjoy a quiet respite from the daily grind. If you have one, you want to decorate it to complement your home and invite relaxation.

Farmhouse style design lends itself naturally to perfect sunrooms. If you are ready to start designing yours, here are some tips to help you get started.

Begin with a fresh coat of paint

In creating the sunroom, you want to incorporate lots of elements of nature. The walls of the room can make the most significant statement. Make sure to choose a color that reflects what you see outside your window.

Consider using a bright and sunny yellow. Spring greens, light browns, and warm oranges also work well for wall colors. The trim and molding could be painted with a cream or ivory.


The floor of your sunroom is most likely the second biggest space and another area to make a significant design impact.

Wood flooring is vital for farmhouse style. If you do not already have it, installing it is an easy DIY project. There is a wide variety of materials and prices when it comes to laminate wood flooring. It should be easy to pick one that is in your budget. Almost all of them fit together the same way-tongue and groove. Try to pick a style that mimics wide, rough-hewn floor beams.

Add a rug or two

The next step is to add some rugs. Rugs add depth and visual interest, and they keep your feet warm on crisp days.

When considering a farmhouse rug, braided rugs are the first thing to come to mind. You can also select a natural fiber rug. Think about how you plan on grouping furniture so that you know how many rugs and what sizes you should purchase.

Braided rugs are a beautiful addition. You do not need one that is room size, but large enough to create a cozy seating area. If there are any doors to the sunroom, then a door mat is a nice touch.

Do not be afraid to layer rugs either. Contrasting colors and textures add a nice feel to the room.

Window Treatments

Most sunrooms have a vast expanse of windows; this is what allows the sunroom to be bright and airy. The concern is to choose beautiful window treatments that complement the room and the view outside.

Make sure to use plenty of gauzy and sheer window treatments. These curtains can fall to the floor and pool around the bottom of the window. To help anchor the windows, consider using a different material in a bolder color on the ends of your bank of windows. Curtains in a beautiful plaid or toile would work well.

Try to use hardware that evokes the farmhouse style too. Wooden or metal rods would be perfect.

Furniture placement

When moving furniture into your sunroom, try to create intimate spaces. You can achieve this by grouping a few smaller chairs. You can also place a sofa and love seat around your rustic coffee table.

Once you have your furniture in place, it is time to add some interest. Feel free to add layers of throw blankets. In this case, plaid blankets, furry throws, and quilts will work well together. Choose colors that mix -and -match and complement the rugs.

The final touch is to scatter throw pillows across all seating surfaces.


Do not forget your accessories. These items may be little but have a significant design impact.


Groups of candle holders lend an air of romance to your sunroom. You should use holders of varying heights and materials. Top the candleholders with candles in colors that complement your area.


Add in plants for a pop of vivid color. Group plants near windows so they can take advantage of the sunshine. Put a few smaller potted plants on tables.


Are perfect for storage in a farmhouse sunroom. Use baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes. Baskets are perfect for storing blankets, the remote control, and your pet’s favorite toys.

Final Points

A farmhouse sunroom is the epitome of relaxation. Once you have chosen a light and airy color scheme, you can begin to fill your room.

By adding plenty of texture through the use of pillows, rugs, window treatments, and blankets, you will create the perfect sunroom. The result is the ideal farmhouse sunroom that will invite you to sit down and stay awhile.

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