homes with fireplaces sell for higher prices

Add Sophistication, Style, and Warmth to Your Home with a Fireplace

Nothing beats gathering around a fireplace on a cool evening, with flames flickering and wood crackling while the smell of fir or oak permeates the room. Add a beautiful mantel with the right décor and your space will feel almost magical.

There’s something alluring about fire and it’s not just the warmth. Fire naturally makes us feel calm and in some cases, makes us want to open up to others. Historically, humans have always gathered around a fire to cook, relax, get warm, and connect.

In addition to creating a sense of warmth among friends and family, a fireplace can add elegance to your home. If you need proof, look no further than the real estate data that shows how homes with fireplaces sell for higher prices.

Fireplaces make people feel relaxed

You’ve probably seen those movie scenes where an old man sits in a recliner in front of a fireplace smoking a tobacco pipe. Even when you aren’t in the room, watching this type of scene can make you feel like you’re really there in the room. A fireplace feels cozy, relaxing, and carefree. Especially if you’re someone who likes to read books or take naps.

Adding an elegant fireplace to your home can bring up these types of scenes in people’s minds, and that plays a role in how they enjoy their time with you. With the right décor, you can create an atmosphere in your home where your guests feel like they’ve been invited to a party hosted in a fancy home. It really doesn’t take much to create this experience.

You’re not limited by style

Fireplaces have been around for centuries, and there are so many different styles available. You can create a sophisticated atmosphere regardless of your taste in style. For example, there are styles that will work with every existing décor style, from modern to farmhouse, and anything in-between.

If you’re short on space, and having a traditional hearth seems like an inconvenience, there are fireplaces that fit flush against the wall and you don’t even need to have a hearth or a mantel if you don’t want one.

Fireplace accessories, tools, and wood make great décor

One of the best ways to create an elegant feeling in a room is to organize your fireplace tools and supplies around the hearth. Having a basket of kindling next to a small rack of wood piled on an ornate metal wood holder will definitely add to the ambiance of your living room. It also helps to put at least one reading chair next to the fire. Even if you never sit in it, they make excellent decoration.

Fireplace tools and accessories come in a variety of styles and you can even find novelty sets. The more you decorate the area around your fireplace, the more you can shape the experience.

You can put a fireplace in your bedroom

For the ultimate in elegance, consider adding a fireplace to your master bedroom. If the room is big enough, you’ll love having a fireplace going while you watch movies in bed. On rainy days, you may not even want to leave your bedroom, and with a fireplace, you’ll have even more reason to stay under the covers.

Turn your fireplace into a heater with a wood stove insert

As you probably know, a fireplace on its own won’t heat your home. They’re just not designed to hold and distribute heat. Fireplaces pull warm air out of your room and straight into the fire where it’s sucked up the chimney. However, when you buy a wood stove insert, you can turn your fireplace into a heater.

An insert is basically just a fireproof, metal box made out of cast iron or steel that sits inside your fireplace. It has a front panel door made of glass so you can see inside, and it works just like a traditional wood stove. The metal will hold and radiate the heat into your home, and since you already have a chimney, it doesn’t take extra effort to vent.

Like wood stoves, fireplace inserts can be powered by electricity, propane, or gas. The best part is you don’t even need to use wood with some models. All you have to do is push a button and the heat will start.

Finalize the experience with a hearth or mantel

While a fireplace itself can add charm and style to your home, don’t forget about the elegance that hearths and mantels can contribute to your overall style. Both elements are perfect for seasonal décor and creating a beautiful scene to enjoy when you aren’t using your fireplace.

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