Ways to make moving fun for the whole family (1)

Ways to make moving fun for the whole family

Moving can be a pretty stressful time. Especially if you’re moving with small children, you never really know what to expect. It’s not only physically demanding, but also emotionally as well. However, there are some things that you can do to try and make this experience bearable, if not enjoyable. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make moving fun for the whole family.

Hire help to have more time

Hiring movers is a must if you don’t have all your time free to dedicate to moving. There’s so much that needs to be done, usually in a very short time frame. That’s why it’s so much easier to have professionals who are experienced and good at what they do. This way, you’ll get to dedicate all your free time to make sure that your kids are handling the move well. 

In order to make moving fun for the whole family, you might need to hire different types of moving assistance. There’s probably a lot more to your upcoming moving experience than meets the eye. Worry not, once you start planning and informing yourself, everything will simply fall into place.

Plan a trip before the moving begins

You need to start thinking about making moving fun for the whole family before the actual move even begins. Try to set some time aside and take a road trip with your family if at all possible. Moving is so much more than changing your house. You need to get to know your future surroundings. 


Making moving fun for the whole family is possible, you just need to have patience. Going on a road trip to see your future home is a good idea to make your kids used to it.

A road between some trees symbolizing how taking a family road trip might be a good way to make moving fun for the whole family.


Do everything together

Try to really divide all the chores that you need to do during the move. Although it might be easier to just let someone else take care of the whole thing or to do everything on your own, this is really important. Although your kids won’t do everything perfectly, offering them a chance to feel included and like they’re a part of making their new home will make them a lot more likely to accept it. Not only is this a good way to make moving fun for your whole family, but it’s also a great way to make your new home feel cozier and more familiar.

Another thing that you can do is try to make your kids feel included in decision making as well. This doesn’t mean that you need to leave them some important issues. Consulting them on small decorating matters will do the trick just fine.

Divide some chores

Once you’ve moved in some furniture, make sure to divide your house cleaning chores equally amongst your family members. It maybe won’t make relocating fun for the whole family, but it’ll be productive. You’ll finish everything sooner this way.

Take short breaks

In order to create a fun atmosphere and make moving at least seem fun for the whole family, you should take short breaks every now and then. You can use them to talk about how you’ll spend your time in your new home or simply taking a bite and something to drink.


Creating a more relaxed atmosphere is a great way to make relocating fun for the whole family.

A family of four cooking in their new kitchen after they’ve managed to make moving fun for the whole family.

Make your home truly yours

Taking the time to bring some elements of your old home into the new one, however inconvenient it might sound, proved to be very beneficial. Especially for younger children.

Nonetheless, if you’re moving too far, you might not have the luxury to make moving fun for the whole family this way. Something that could work as a worthy alternative is making your own decorations. There’s plenty of good DIY tips that you can turn to to make some functional as well as charming pieces for your home.

Have the right mindset

Making your kids believe that some of the tougher chores are actually fun technically isn’t lying. It’s simply another way to make moving fun for the whole family. What’s more, since you’ll be spending a lot of time on moving, this could be a great way to exercise for your kids.

Make it all feel like a game

Making moving fun for the whole family can be challenging. The worst thing that you can do is show how stressed out you are about the whole thing. Instead, simply gather yourself and relax with your kids. Make some chores like packing or cleaning into a game or a competition. The right mindset will go a long way.


Taking the time to make moving chores seem like games will make relocating that much more enjoyable for your children.

A kid stacking up his toys on top of one another.

Let your kids have a day off

Although there are some great ideas on how to make moving fun for the family, it’s not always feasible. There are days where you’ll need to deal with contracts and serious things and when you won’t be able to maintain a cheery mood. During these days, it might be best to have your children take a break from the whole thing. Especially if you’re kids are younger. Hire a babysitter or ask your parents to help out.

Make some memories

During the first time that you’ll be sleeping over in your new home, try to make the after moving part fun for the whole family as well. Don’t give in to the routine just yet. Making new memories is a really important step in relocating to a new home. Although you’ll probably need some time to adjust and get used to the new surroundings, there’s really no reason not to make new traditions. After all, home is where the heart is, it has very little to do with a location.

Allow your kids to say goodbye to their old homes

Although you’ve given it your all to make moving fun for the whole family, there’ll probably be some sad moments during this time as well. It’s only natural. Your kids will miss their old home as well as their school and friends. You’ll probably have these moments too. For this particular reason, it’s really important to take some time to say goodbye. Go through some old photos and talk about your old memories, they’ll always be a part of you.

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