Housecleaning Tips

4 Housecleaning Tips

Cleaning the house does not have to be a dreaded task that gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list every time it needs to get done. However, not cleaning often enough can allow germs to grow or smells to develop. Keep the house organized and clean using some of the below tips.

1. Wear an Apron

When cleaning the house, it is a good idea to tackle one room at a time. Therefore, all of the supplies needed to scrub that room should be on hand as soon as cleaning commences. Nothing can drain motivation like running from room to room looking for the feather duster or the window cleaner. Get an apron with big pockets to hold every tool and product necessary for the job. If possible, stuff it with everything that will be needed for the entire day’s cleaning session.

2. Install Wheels

Having to bend down to sweep underneath heavy furniture is a pain. It is even worse when the furniture needs to be moved without damaging the floor or someone’s back. Install caster wheels on anything that needs to be regularly cleaned under to save time and effort. If sweeping is easier, then the resistance to starting that particular chore will probably be lessened.

3. Clean Top to Bottom

There is no point at all in dusting off a desk only to then dust the top of the window directly above it. Start with the cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling and work down. There is no use in doing something twice. Less time that is spent on cleaning means that more time can be spent doing something else or just enjoying the fact that everything is spic and span.

4. Keep a Schedule

It is a good idea to set some time aside every week that is devoted to housecleaning. Whether it is ten minutes every day after work or a few hours on a Saturday morning, having that time scheduled means that it is more likely to get done. If the schedule alone is not an incentive, then a reward system can be set up. Every time something is cleaned on schedule, a check mark can be made on a piece of paper on the fridge, or a gold star sticker put on the calendar.

Although cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite thing to spend time on, it is hard to argue that it is important. The more often the house is cleaned, the less work needs to be done during the actual cleaning process.

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