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What to Plant in Your San Diego Garden

The climate in San Diego, California is warm and tropical which makes it a great place to plant bright, fragrant flowering plants. With so many different types of flowers out there, it can be difficult to decide what works or doesn’t work for a particular home. Knowing different information about plants, such as how much water and sun they need, can really help narrow down what seems like an overwhelming choice. Here’s a list of three popular tropical landscaping plants used to brighten up gardens in California.

1. Plumeria

Plumeria is first on the list because it is an extremely popular semi-deciduous tree that is easy to maintain. It will need to be placed in an area that gets continuous sun but it can thrive in most soils and does not need much water. The blooms are fragrant and beautiful. With symmetrical petals that come in a large variety of vibrant colors, these flowers are a Hawaiin favorite and are often used to make leis.

2. Birds of Paradise

With a tropical and appealing orange bloom, the bird of paradise is a unique and vibrant addition to any tropical garden. The plant is low-maintenance and doesn’t like too much water. This flower blooms in the spring and there are height variations from which to choose.

3. Succulents

The succulents category covers a lot of ground but two great choices are the agave species and the aloe species. The agave succulent is hardy and requires little water but adds a subtle beauty to any garden. Its geometric shape and color range of blues and greens make it a wonderful accent plant. Aloe succulents are just as hardy as the agave but they can cover a lot more ground. With spiky, waxy leaves, this plant adds instant interest to any garden and has also been used medicinally throughout the ages.

Landscaping is also about timing. In San Diego, planting should occur before the rainy season hits. Most plants need extra watering when they are initially placed in the ground and the rainy season gives plants that nourishment. This makes September through December the best time to get those young plants planted. Picking some accent plants or surrounding a house with a variety of blooms can make the space more appealing and add lovely fragrances, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds as well. Vibrant, tropical plants can dress up any garden and look beautiful in the bright Californian days.

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