7 Gardening Tips for Beginners

There is no joy like surrounding yourself with plants and flowers. Not only does this outdoor activity give us eye-pleasing plants, fragrant flowers, and fresh fruit but also numerous health benefits. If you are new to gardening and looking for some easy steps to get started, read the tips below.

Pick Your Spot with Care

Remember, plants need adequate sun and water to grow, so choose a spot where they can receive all they require. Plants like Lagerstroemia Hopi, Liriope Samantha prefer full sun – that means they need a spot where at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight falls. If you can’t find such a place, consider plants that flourish even in shade such as Blechnum Silver Lady.

Choose the Right Soil

One of the major parts of a garden is the part below-ground, and that is soil. Plants live by their roots and roots live in soil. You can add organic matter in the soil to improve its quality and water holding capacity. Organic matter acts as a reservoir of nutrients that can be released to the soil.

Consider Containers

As a newbie, you would like to keep your garden manageable. You can start with container gardening as there are numerous shrubs, trees, and plants that can be grown in containers such as Little Ruby Plants, Haworthia Concolour, Syngonium Pink Passion, Adiantum Fragrans, etc. Make sure the container you are using has adequate space for the plant it is hosting. Later on, you can start with gardening in a plot.

Select the Right Plants

It is necessary that you choose plants that match your growing conditions. It means put sun-loving plants into sunny places, give ground cover plants adequate room to expand. Also, you should know about the best planting time. If it is a sunny and windy day, late afternoon is the best time for planting. If it is a cold and cloudy day, morning time is ideal. On the contrary, if it is a hot and humid day, evening time is much better. You can find the right plants and have them shipped to you with a plant delivery service or you can visit your local garden centre.

Water Your Plants in Morning

To avoid water loss from evaporation, water your plants in the morning. Another advantage of watering in the morning is, plant’s foliage dry up before evening that prevents fungus and mealybugs. At least for the first few weeks, give your baby plants deep watering as it helps them develop deep roots that ensure the healthy growth of plants.

Add Some Mulch

Add a layer of mulch around each plant. Mulch minimizes weeds but retains moisture. 2 to 3 inches deep mulch around each plant is sufficient.

Feed Your Plants Regularly

We have already talked about the importance of soil, but soil works better with a regular boost of high-quality nutrition for your plant. In other words, good soil plus good plant food, make your garden flourishing.

Gardening is a great activity whatever way you approach it. It doesn’t matter whether your aim is to have your own organic food, be more active or boost your mental well-being, gardening is up for the task. With a little bit of patience and planning, newbies can achieve great success in gardening.



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