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8 Interesting Ways to Upgrade Up Your Bathroom


The bathroom is probably one of the hardest parts of your home to remodel. Not only you have to think of a budget, but also be practical with space at your disposal. On one side, you want it to look stylish, but on the other, it has to be functional. Thankfully, today there are many interesting ways to upgrade up your bathroom into something that will fulfil both goals.

So if you are facing a dilemma on how to refresh the look of your bathroom, try some of these ideas.

Replace the classic shower floor with tiles

Forget about classic shower style with a white tub and install textured tiles instead. Small tiles are ideal to prevent slipping and also give a completely new look to your shower stall. Match different colours and mix patterns to create an interesting personal style with a full visual impact. However, even in one shade, small tiles will make your shower floor stand out and express new décor possibilities.


Create vanity for two

A vanity is often a very challenging feature since it has to be sufficient for your needs. When you share a bathroom with your partner, that space can quickly become cluttered with products and devices. So, create a vanity for two with individual sinks and cabinets to keep it all neat and easy to maintain. Another benefit of this upgrade up is that you can both use the vanity at the same time and forget waiting for the other person to get ready first.

Add a comfortable chair to décor

Adding a comfortable chair to the bathroom is something many people don’t even consider. But a chair is both an interesting décor element and functional feature that will make some of the simplest actions more comfortable. For example, putting lotion on your body and hairstyling are easier when you sit down, not to mention doing the beauty routine every morning and evening. For complete spa experience, use a lounge chair where you can relax in your bathrobe with a face mask on and scented candles.

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Bring in the vintage appeal with clawed-foot tub

Standalone tub evokes an elegant, relaxing setting with a touch of luxury and extravagance. But clawed-foot tub will give vintage appeal to your bathroom turning it into a true space for leisure and tranquillity. Adding this luxurious feature may encourage you to de-stress more and slow down your daily rhythm which both beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Rethink the way you install cabinets

While most of the cabinets stand out in the bathroom, the smaller spaces will benefit from the ones built inside the walls. This is especially important if you want to have storage cabinets that will simply take too much room and disrupt the décor flow. Use this design technique for cabinets above your vanity since you will not only get enough storage space but also can use their doors as mirrors. Add an LED light powered by batteries and with a motion sensor to avoid additional works and expenses for electrical wiring.


If there aren’t any windows – build one

A window in the bathroom has two purposes: bringing in natural light and getting fresh air into the room. While you can create an ideal ambience with artificial lighting, the most efficient way to get rid of humidity is with a window. Adding a window to your shower stall will prevent mildew and mould, as well as bring aesthetic benefits to the room. Just make arrangements with your contractor to use frosted glass for privacy.

Upgrade up your bathroom with a bidet

Installing a bidet is not as complicated and expensive as it used to be a few decades ago. This over two centuries old invention comes as a standalone fixture or one you can install as a toilet seat. Bidet spare parts and additional features are widely available thanks to its popularity so you can easily upgrade it with more functions over time. Whichever model you choose, it will be a welcoming addition to your bathroom that will give it a modern and sophisticated appeal.

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Save space with hidden toilet tank

If you have a small bathroom, one of the ways to make it bigger is by adding a hidden toilet tank. This design trick will create an uninterrupted flow of space giving your bathroom a modern and sophisticated appeal. Additionally, this design choice will add value to your home after you upgrade up your bathroom which is especially important if you plan to sell soon.

In the end

There are many interesting ways to upgrade up your bathroom, but choosing the right ones is a key to create a harmonious space. A visually appealing bathroom can increase your home’s value, but also bring you additional comfort and coziness. After all, soaking in a relaxing bath will be a great way to eliminate stress and live more healthily.


Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.


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